The following DACA field report comes from Carmen Cornejo of Dream Act Arizona:

Undocumented youth have confronted
many roadblocks in their lives, especially in education.   Negative
immigration-education policy and laws meant to deny undocumented students
access to higher education gave some an excuse to drop out from high
school.  Some, regrettably, did not see the point of graduating from High
School after the continued failure of Congress to pass the DREAM Act at the
federal level.  High School dropout rates are a problem all over the
country which affects Hispanics, minorities and immigrant populations in
disproportionate numbers. Bad immigration-education policy only makes things

With the introduction of the process
for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the opportunity to enroll
into a GED program to qualify for application, GED education experienced a
sudden increase on demand. Click
here for an article on the demand  for GED instruction.

GED stands
for General Education Development. The test is administrated by a division of the American Council on Education.  Click here for a
link to their site
. The administrators are updating the test to spring
testers into advancing their education into college and will convert the
official GED test to a computer-based version. The service states that the new
test "is no longer an endpoint for adults, but rather a springboard for
further education, training, and better paying jobs."

potential DACA applicants it means GED enrollment, preparation and test taking
will need to be done before the end of 2013. Any module taken will not count
unless the whole battery of test is completed and certification obtained by
then.  If the student had only completed certain modules, he or she will
need to start all over to comply with the new test on 2014.   Also
new fees will be on effect.

is what the Arizona Department of Education is posting on its website.