By Chris Musillo

The Department of State’s Visa Bulletin guru, Charlie Oppenheim, hosts monthly meetings with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Charlie Oppenheim is the Department of State’s Chief of the Control and Reporting Division. He is the officer who is responsible for producing the Visa Bulletin each month.

In this month’s “Check In With Charlie,” Mr. Oppenheim discussed Philippine EB-3, saying that Beneficiaries “should expect continued aggressive advancement in this category for the foreseeable future.” He noted that there has not been an increase in demand for these visas. Because of this lack of demand, “retrogression is unlikely to happen this FY since there are numerous visa numbers available in this category and it is already the third quarter of the federal FY.”

Other notes of interest:

EB-1: there should be little or no movement in any EB-1 category.
EB-2 Worldwide: will continue to be Current for the foreseeable future.
EB-2 and EB-3 India: slow or little progressions of one week or less, although EB-3 could move a little faster. There has not yet been a surge of EB-2s “downgrading” to EB-3.
EB-2 and EB-3 China: EB-2 could advance several months at a time, while EB-3 will advance a few weeks at a time.