by Chris Musillo

I'm taking a brief time-out from the usual updates on healthcare immigration to note that this blog is now twelve years old! The first blog post was on March 27, 2006 when I was with Hammond Law Group. At that time, very few immigration law blogs existed. The idea of a blog with such a narrow focus seemed a little naive, but thanks to a regular readership the blog has thrived.

In November 2007 Sam at asked if I would like to syndicate my blog through, which I immediately agreed to do. Readership doubled. has been a leader in immigration law information and a great supporter. now houses about a dozen blogs. This one was the second, after Greg Siskind’s blog.

The blog’s main page at regularly attracts 15,000 monthly page views, sometimes doubling or tripling that number. The current iteration of the blog (since 2009) passed one million page views earlier this month!

The best part about the blog has been the people that have connected with me through the blog. I've been in Senate staff meetings and had their senior staff tell me that were regular readers. AILA's Annual Conference is always a fun time because there are always a few attendees who read my name tag and tell me that they are regular readers. Readers are always commenting. They are the blog's lifeblood.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and input.

The blog is accessible through a number of channels. I hope that you will keep reading and commenting.

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