by Chris Musillo

In yet another anti-business immigration measure, the Trump demonstration has begun taking steps to eliminate H-4 EADs. Some outlets are reporting that the H-4 EAD rule could be rescinded as soon as February 2018. News reports have been predicting the end of H-4 EADs for several months.

Now, the Administration has published notice that it intends to “modify” the program. Most expect that the modification will be the elimination of the H-4 EAD program.

This rule is yet another example that Pres. Trump is not just against illegal immigration, he is against any immigration. There is no rational basis to make this change, other than as a gift to his xenophobic followers. He would eliminate hundreds of thousands of taxpayers at a time when the federal deficit is expected to increase by $1.4 trillion.

Traditionally when programs like this end, the government allows those with valid EADs to continue to be able to work until the end of the EAD period. Accordingly, MU Law advise those H-4 spouses who are eligible for EADs to file immediately. Likewise, if your H-4 EAD is set to expire in the next few months, you should immediately file an EAD extension.


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