by Chris Musillo

To little fanfare, L. Francis Cissna was finally sworn in as Director of the USCIS. Pres. Trump originally nominated Cissna in April. There was little news coming out of Washington explaining the delay in Cissna’s appointment. The lack of information led to plenty of speculation about the delay. Cissna served in various capacities within the Department of Homeland Security, most recently as the Director, Immigration Policy within the DHS Office of Policy,

Delayed appointments are nothing new for this administration. The DHS has been without a leader since Secy. Kelly became Pres. Trump’s Chief of Staff in July. The administration finally nominated Kirstjen Nielsen earlier in October, more than two months since Secy. Kelly’s promotion.

Axios did not have favorable reporting on Ms. Nielsen,

“Nielsen is not a beloved figure at DHS; just as she wasn't inside the White House. She has a very sharp-elbowed approach to doing business and doesn't command anywhere near the respect that her predecessor, Kelly, did, according to more than half a dozen sources who've worked with her.”

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