by Chris Musillo

The Department of State’s Visa Bulletin guru, Charlie Oppenheim, hosts monthly meetings with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Charlie Oppenheim is the Department of State’s Chief of the Control and Reporting Division. He is the officer who is responsible for producing the Visa Bulletin each month.

This month’s Check In With Charlie featured projections for EB2 and EB3, which are the most popular categories for readers of this Blog. Here are some of this month’s highlights, along with our analysis:

EB-2 and EB-3 Worldwide. These categories will remain current for the foreseeable future.

EB-2 India. This category is expected to progress one month at a time. It should move into 2009 sometime in early 2018.

EB-3 India. This category will snot progress in November because of heavy demand at the end of the last fiscal year. It may slowly progress in December.

EB-3 Philippines. In FY 2018, we will not see this category move nearly as fast as it did in FY 2017. Phils EB-3 is expected to progress 1-2 months per Visa Bulletin in the future.

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