by Chris Musillo

Today marks the seven year anniversary of the Musillo Unkenholt LLC law firm. We have always tried to serve our clients with intelligence, speed, and respect. We are very proud of the work that we have done here on behalf of our many clients. Over these seven years we have significantly grown the firm. We have about twice as many employees as when we started on July 1, 2009. Most of our growth is due to referrals from our clients, which is the greatest sign of success.

The firm’s lifeblood is the people who work here. We have three paralegals who have been with us since Day One, and another who re-joined us from our prior law firm. All four are outstanding paralegals and better people. We have several attorneys whose first attorney job was with MU Law. They all have bright presents and brighter futures. We have a number of newer, younger people who have benefited our culture and continually add to it.

Thank you to everyone – employees, clients, friends, professional colleagues -- who have contributed to MU Law’s success over these seven years. We are very proud to celebrate seven great years!

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