by Chris Musillo

AILA recently published its May “Check-In with Charlie”. The Check-In is a Q&A with the Department of State’s Chief of the Visa Control and Reporting Division. Charlie is ultimately the person responsible for the publication of each month’s Visa Bulletin. This month’s Check-In provided these insights into the Visa Bulletin for Beneficiaries of the most common employment-based immigrant visas.

The EB-2 date will only advance slowly for the remainder of the US Fiscal Year, i.e. until October 1, 2016. The EB-3 date will also move slowly for the rest of this fiscal year.

China. EB-2 China has a more favorable date than EB-3 China. This is expected to remain in place for the remainder of the fiscal year. Since China EB-2 is now more favorable than China EB-3, it is expected that EB-3 “downgrades” will end.

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