by Chris Musillo

The FSBPT, which produces the US Physical Therapy Exam, has just produced an NPTE Candidate Handbook, along with a revamped Fixed Testing webpage.

The Candidate Handbook outlines the FSBPT's position on testing security and the protection of the integrity of the exam. It includes a section on recalling and sharing questions from prior exams.

The NPTE is the property of the FSBPT and is protected by contract, trade secret, and federal copyright laws. It is a violation of those laws, and thus illegal, to share any information whatsoever about any NPTE question. In particular, sharing information about a NPTE question recalled from memory or asking someone who has taken the NPTE to share such information is illegal.

The Candidate Handbook includes a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section, a Test Content Outline, and Sample Questions.  The revamped webpage streamlines the important information about the exam, including testing dates and helpful hints.

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