The National Board
for Certification in Occupational Therapy recently issued a reminder about
Occupational Therapy Eligibility Determination (OTED) standards.  The OTED
processes applications from non-US trained Occupational Therapists.  The
criteria for submitting an OTED application is that the foreign-trained OT must
have an educational background that is comparable to a US-entry Occupational
This entry standard has been a master's degree since January
1, 2013.

OTED now reminds applicants
that after July 31, 2013 all applications will be closed unless the application
includes evidence that a US-equivalent Master's Degree has been obtained.
 Documentary evidence includes:

- Official school

- Official
Course Syllabi with descriptions

Verification of
Academic Credential Form

- Program Director

- Verification
of OT License, Registration, Certification or Other Form of Official
Government Recognition Request form

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