By Bruce Buchanan, Siskind Susser, PC

Over the years, USCIS has strived to improve E-Verify and although many of us hope for further improvements, it has clearly improved from its origin.

Each year since 2010, E-Verify has engaged the American Customer Satisfaction survey to evaluate customer’s satisfaction with use of E-Verify and customer service. Each year, E-Verify receives scores that far exceed the government average. See below chart.

Everify CSI scores.jpg

E-Verify and its Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) number have never scored below the low 80s. This number exceeds the overall national average CSI number of 76, and exceeds the CSI average for Federal government entities of 64 by 23 points. The CSI scores for each of the three index sub-questions are - overall satisfaction (88), satisfaction compared to expectations (88) and satisfaction with E-Verify compared to the ideal online verification service (85). The survey also evaluated key features of E-Verify and gave the following scores: 95 on future participation, 93 on customer service, 91 on enrolling in E-Verify, and 89 on confidence in accuracy.