By Bruce E. Buchanan


Employers and employees can now get information in Urdu, Punjabi and Somali about the I-9 form, E-Verify and other immigration-related records. The following documents are now available in those languages as well as 18 other foreign languages:

  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS): Tentative Nonconfirmation Further Action Notice
  • Social Security Administration (SSA): Tentative Nonconfirmation Further Action Notice
  • DHS Referral Date Confirmation
  • SSA Referral Date Confirmation

If an employer needs to give its employee a notice or letter in a language other than English, one should take the following steps:
  • Give your employee a copy of the pre-populated English version of the notice or letter along with the foreign language document.
  • Only sign the English version of the notice and letter.
  • Use the foreign language notices and letters only to help employees who have difficulty speaking or reading English.

Other records which have been translated into 21 languages are:

· Fact Sheet entitled “How to Correct Your Immigration Records” which gives instructions on how to correct immigration records.

· Form I-9 Employee Information Sheet which gives answers to many Form I-9 questions in plain language. As a best practice, this information sheet should be made available to new employees who are about to complete Form I-9.

· E-Verify Participation Poster - In addition to displaying the English and Spanish version of the E-Verify Participation poster, employers may also display any of the 19 foreign language versions.

Utilizing the foreign language resources cited above, should assist employers when issues arise with your employees who do not speak English.