Comment: Surge in EB-5 Investments

EB-5 investments have always had a choppy pattern through out this decade--they have never come in as a steady, smooth flow. The investments have always occurred in spikes followed by periods of lull. These spikes have been driven by government deadlines, such as the perennial re-authorization circus. From Quarterly I-526 filing stats USCIS publishes you can see that spikes occur before government deadlines soaking up the pipeline of existing leads, and cause lulls after the deadline because of depleted lead pipelines. Historically, the higher the spike, the lower and longer the lull. EB-5 issuers need to take advantage of the spikes, unless they have a multi-year time horizon for their raises. With the publication of the new EB-5 regulation looming, a mini-spike prior to the publishing of the regulation is already under way.

Once the regulation is published, we expect a massive spike in global EB-5 investments as a result of the increased investment amounts. We expect 1000-2000 investments from India during this spike, and another 1000-2000 from rest of the world in the same time-frame. The only country untouched by the regulation will be China due to retrogression. For the same reason, Vietnam will have a smaller spike. Because Indian retrogression has not begun, we expect that India will experience a major spike in EB-5 investments. There will also be significant spikes in Brazil, South Korea, Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico, Russian and Turkey. These ten countries will account for 90% of world EB-5 market--rest of the world accounting for only 10% split across multitudes of countries.

When the regulation is published, issuers may want to cancel all vacations, minimize sicknesses, and equip your offices with sleeping bags and coffee to make hay while the sun shines. When the lull comes, your staff can take the deferred vacations and recharge. Issuers may also want to consider bringing all marketing plans forward, and start pushing before the regulation is published. No one knows how much grace period we will have after the regulation is published--it is better to start now to position yourself best for the new regulation.

In light of the fact that EB-5 investments have had a pattern of spikes and lulls throughout this decade, we encourage everyone in the EB-5 industry to plan on making the best of the current spike.

P.S. The EB-5 Modernization Regulation has been sent to OIRA/OMB to be published as a Final Rule, which includes a massive increase in investment amounts to $1.3 million/$1.8 million, and Centralized TEA designations. There will surely be a grace period, 30-days or 60-days, prior to the new EB-5 rule going into effect. Once the regulation is published with the grace period in black-and-white, India will rocket forward in investments with perhaps 1000-2000 investments during the grace period, and perhaps another 1000-2000 investments will materialize from other countries during the same time. ILW is conducting many events to ensure that issuers can make the most of this opportunity, please write to for more info, or call us at 1-212-545-0818, or get info online. Don't Delay; Act Today!

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