Comment: India EB-5, Immigration Court Cases
Today's Immigration Daily issue features several items of interest, including Article on EB-5: The Best (and Only?) Option for Many Indian Nationals, News on USCIS Fraud Detection Unit Leads to Convictions in Two Separate Immigration Fraud Cases, Immigration Court Cases Currently Involve More Long-Time Residents. please scroll down to find the item(s) below.Please let us know your thoughts by writing to

Article: EB-5: The Best (and Only?) Option for Many Indian Nationals By H. Ronald Klasko

Blogging: DOJ Settles Immigration-Related Discrimination Claim Against Themesoft Inc. By Bruce Buchanan

Blogging: Immigration Court Cases Currently Involve More Long-Time Residents By Matthew Kolken

Blogging: SCOTUS to Hear Arguments on When Time Stops Cutting off Cancellation of Removal Eligibility By Matthew Kolken

Blogging: Checking In On The Visa Bulletin By Chris Musillo

Blogging: Trump's "Breeding" Tweet Dehumanizes Immigrants, Echoing White Supremacists and Nazis. But DHS Chief Won't Criticize Her Boss By Roger Algase

News: USCIS Fraud Detection Unit Leads to Convictions in Two Separate Immigration Fraud Cases

Focus: H1B to EB5 in May

Exhibition/speaking opportunities for April H-1B events are fully sold out. "By popular demand", ILW is pleased to make available H1B to EB5 Events in May in 4 new cities teeming with Indian H-1Bs exploring the EB-5 route.

Special Note for Attorneys: This event will feature three immigration attorney panels solely on immigration law matters. The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by an issuer who is exhibiting at the event (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys).

New York, NY - May 6, 2018

Edison, NJ - May 8, 2018

Chicago, IL - May 10, 2018

Los Angeles, CA - May 12, 2018

  • With China's EB-5 market significantly slowed down, alternatives are necessary to complete your ongoing and future capital raises
  • Waiting times for those filing today for India EB-3 are forecasted to be SEVERAL DECADES long! That is why those Indian H-1Bs who have the necessary means are considering the EB-5 route
  • There are well over half a million Indian H-1Bs in the USA, if even 1% or 2% go the EB-5 route, then this is the biggest EB-5 market in the world today - and its right here in USA (so no international travel needed)
  • These events are available only to Issuers, and we require clients to consult a securities attorney before signing up for these events.


  • Half Day Event for Indian H-1Bs considering EB-5 Option (Speaking Opportunity included)
  • Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards.

EB-5 Issuers only - $3,999 per city for H-1B Event
(Inquire about Discounts and also about Platinum Level)

For more info please call (212)545-0818 or email or click here.

Don't delay, act today, before these four cities are also sold out. No further H-1B to EB-5 events are planned till mid summer at the earliest.

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Headline: US again seeks to cancel immigrant's deportation protection Click here
Headline: Trump's travel ban faces U.S. Supreme Court showdown Click here
Headline: Immigration Court Cases Now Involve More Long-Time Residents Click here
Headline: Trump: may tie Mexican immigration control to NAFTA Click here

Help Wanted: Immigration Professional
Computer Science expert needed to write specialty occupation/level 1 and 2 expert letters. Can work from home. Flex hours. Send email to

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
Washington DC - May 10, 8am - The Rational Middle of Immigration, Bipartisan Policy Center. For more info see:

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