Comment: Muslim Ban, IER Settlement
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Article: New York State Bar v Avvo: Will the Uberization of Immigration Law Practice? Overcome Outdated Advertising Rules Governing Lawyers By Cyrus Mehta

Blogging: Siskind Summary: The Secure Act of 2017 By Greg Siskind

Blogging: On the Benefits of Having a Lawyer By Jason Dzubow

Blogging: JET of Saipan Distributes $40,000 in Back Pay to U.S. Workers Under IER Settlement By Bruce Buchanan

Blogging: 4th Cir. Judge: We Cannot "Ignore Reality" of Muslim Ban. Meanwhile, Evidence Grows That Ban Serves Whites Only Authoritarian Agenda By Roger Algase

Focus: The Removal Book
Editor: Priscillia Suntoso
Articles by Nadeen Aljijakli, Josh Bardavid, Philip Eichorn, Aga Haupt, Lauren Kosseff, Matthew Kriezelman, Michelle Mendez, Lory Rosenberg, Jason Schaffer, Kimberly Sutton, and others to be announced.

The Book Contents: Removal Proceedings; Grounds of Deportability; Grounds of Inadmissibility; Contesting Removability; Adjustment of Status; Waivers of Inadmissibility and Deportability in Removal Proceedings; Section 212(c) Relief and Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents; Cancellation and Suspension for Non-Permanent Resident Aliens; Asylum: Withholding of Removal and Protection Under the Convention Against Torture; Voluntary Departure; Naturalization as a Defense to Removal; Administrative Review of Removal Orders; Chapter 13: Judicial Review of Removal Orders; Removal Issues Outside the United States

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Headline: In Fear Of Deportation: Five Hours That Can Make Or Break A Family's Future Click here
Headline: Trump’s Deportation Tough Talk Hurts Law-Abiding Immigrants Click here
Headline: Despite Recent Wins, Democrats Remain Divided About What They Stand For Click here
Headline: New York Port Authority Attack: Man Held After Manhattan Blast Click here

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