Comment: CIR A-Comin

President Trump generated complete surprise yesterday due to his deal with Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi, the Democratic Congressional Caucus leaders, for legislation combining a debt limit fix, a continuing resolution and Harvey relief - thus sidelining rather hurtfully the GOP Congressional leadership. This temporary legislative fix will likely be through December 8. Mr. Trump's decision to phase out DACA had already put DREAM back on the legislative agenda just the day before, but most observers would have expected action on DREAM in early 2018, not before Christmas. However, it appears that Mr. Trump is determined to get money from Congress for his wall before Christmas, and the votes for the Wall do not exist on the floors of the legislatures at this time, thus putting DREAM into play, as a way to get Mr. Trump his wall as part of a DREAM deal. At this writing, it appears that a battle royal is taking shape for early November, wherein many flavors of immigration-related tit-for-tats will be tried in a variety of combinations to see how the votes stack up on the floors of Congress. Back on the table will be every form of immigration issue which previous Congresses have left hanging - such as mandatory E-Verify, H1B/H2B quota increases, EB5 reform, physician immigration fixes, and many others. There may well be opportunity (and votes) for a mini-CIR bill to clear Congress and land on Mr. Trump's desk. We encourage Congress to put serious effort this Fall into pending immigration matters, including DREAM - even if it means throwing money away on Mr. Trump's pointless wall, as part of the bargain.

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