Comment: Joe Arpaio, DACA, and U Visas
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Article: Mass Deportations Under President Trump Would Devastate U.S. Families, Economy By Tory Johnson

Blogging: Another Open Letter to My Friends at DHS and DOJ: After Joe Arpaio, What Now? By Jason Dzubow

Blogging: Will Trump End DACA in Keeping With His While Supremacist Immigration Agenda? Roger Algase

News: GSA announces new lease agreement for USCIS headquarters in Camp Springs, MD

News: USCIS Grants All Available U Visas for Fiscal Year 2017

Focus: Major Marketing Success in EB5

Change in EB5 Market – its all about marketing

Old EB5 Model – Seller’s Market

New EB5 Model – Buyer’s Market


Small number of RCs

(Merely project plus USCIS approval sufficient for investment success)

Large number of RCs

(USCIS approval & good project are just commodities)


Only China

Multiple markets:

China, India, Vietnam, etc.


RC gets project and USCIS approval;

Chinese Agent does SOF and Sales

Breakup of functions:

SOF by US immigration attorneys, Marketing by RCs,

Sales by agents

(A Good Project and USCIS approval are now commodities due to the large number of RCs with both)


Marketing NOT necessary for success (because market was a seller’s market with more demand than supply)

Marketing Necessary for success (because market is now buyer’s market with more supply than demand)

EB5 Marketing – real world experience

ILW experience with marketing: Mixed results 2013-2016

  • Success in Beijing – almost 2,000 attendees at ILW Expo – but difficulties ensue
  • Many failures in oil economies of Middle East
  • Modest success in India and Taiwan

ILW experience with marketing: Major success 2016-2017

  • Expo format gets results in many countries for many clients
  • Major Success in new market - Client who made many investments 2015 to 2017 hits ball out of the park in NEW top 7 EB5 country

Requirements for major success:

  • Patience for results – it takes years not months
  • Commitment to a market through repeated visits to master its nuances
  • Major investment in marketing
  • ILW can help you succeed – call 212-545-0818 or click here for more info

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Letters of the Week: Jean Luc Galy, Noah Tawl

ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
City of Dreams: The 400-Year Epic History of Immigrant New York By Tyler Anbinder - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 768 pages, ISBN: 978-0544104655, $23.79,

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