Comment: EB5 Learning From USCIS Meeting, Constitutional Freedoms
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Article: Five Things We Learned on EB-5 from USCIS Field Operations Meeting with AILA By Bernard Wolfsdorf, Joseph Barnett, and Mark Catam

Article: Skunk Weed by Any Other Name Would Still Stink By Joseph P. Whalen

Blogging: After London Attack, Trump Calls for End to "Political Correctness" (a/k/a Constitutional Freedoms) By Roger Algase

Focus: The I-140 / The Degree Equivalency 2016-2017 Edition
ILW.COM is pleased to announce The I-140 / The Degree Equivalency 2016-2017 Edition, coming soon!

Contents: Basic Important Employment-Based Concepts, Basic Overview of the I-140 EBIV Process, The Scope of Agency Authority, The Job Offer, The Immigration Act of 1990,
The EB-11 Extraordinary Ability, The EB-12 Outstanding Professor and Researcher,
The EB-13 Multinational Manager and Executive, The EB-2 Advanced Degree Professional and Person of Exceptional Merit and Ability, The EB-3 Professional, Skilled Worker, And Other Worker
The I-140 Form, The Standard of Evidence, Priority Dates, Filing Multiple Petitions, Successors in Interest, Ability of Prospective Employer to Pay Wage, Portability, Revocation, Invalidation and The Section 204(c) Bar, Withdrawals and Appeals/Motions, A Checklist For Putting Together I-140s (And Some Do's And Don'ts)

For more information see here.

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
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