Comment: Invitation to ILW LinkedIn Group
ILW.COM cordially invites immigration professionals: attorneys, paralegals, law students and others to join the ILW.COM LinkedIn group. The ILW.COM LinkedIn Group is a place for you to enhance your network with others in the field, to discuss issues of mutual interest, and to keep on the top of the latest developments in immigration law.

Article: Republican and Democratic Party Platforms Reflect Parallel Universes on Immigration Policy. By Muzaffar Chishti and Sarah Pierce

Article: Double Edged-Sword: The Limiting Power of the "Last Action Rule" in the H-4 Context. By Michael (Chaim) Bergman, Esq.

Article: A Colloquy about the Disappearing Equal Protection Rights of Immigrants. By Kevin R. Johnson

Blogging: BALCA Determines Spelling Error in Employer's Name in Job Order Did Not Discourage U.S. Workers. By Cadence Moore

Blogging: Clinton's Acceptance Speech Immigration Comments: Short, But Rational. By Roger Algase

News: USCIS to Allow Additional Applicants for Provisional Waiver Process

News: USCIS, DHS Final Rule on Expansion of Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers of Inadmissibility

News: DC Circuit Ruling in AILA v. EOIR: Immigration Judge Names Can't Get Blanket Redactions

Focus: Turkey Expo
ILW offers limited EB-5 exhibition opportunities in Turkey.

  • Turkey has 80 million people, 18th largest country in the world. Turkey is NOT a poor country, its GDP is $751 billion, also 18th largest in the world (in other words, it has a large number of millionaires and deca-millionaires).
  • ILW has prior experience in Turkey, we were there twice in 2015. We have 4 agents on the ground in Turkey, including 3 Turkish law firms (these do NOT file any US immigration petitions, nor do they provide any US immigration advice, but they can and do assist with local Turkish law matters).
  • Due to recent events, our agents are reporting huge increase in interest in EB5 in Turkey. We expect Turkish 2016 numbers may be three times greater than 2015, making Turkey an important EB5 market for Regional Centers.
  • The expo will feature a US immigration law firm with a native-Turkish speaking attorney - with specific prior experience in source of funds for I-526 filings for Turkish nationals. The US attorney will explain the immigration process to Turkish attendees of the Expo but will not sell any project security, representation will be confined strictly to US immigration law.
  • Our agents on the ground report that all is safe in Istanbul at the moment. ILW would never even consider a trip to a danger zone.

To learn more, call 212-545-0818 or email or click here.

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Letters of the Week: Roger Algase, Nolan Rappaport, Tuck Langland, Julian Ortuondo

ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
Dream Chasers: Immigration and the American Backlash by John Tirman - The MIT Press (March 13, 2015) - Hardcover: 216 pages, ISBN: 0262028921, $23.55 -

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