Comment: Grassley and Leahy Pawns
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold an oversight hearing tomorrow styled: "The Failures and Future of the EB-5 Regional Center Program: Can it be Fixed?" Appearing before the committee will be USCIS's Chief of the Immigrant Investor Program and SEC's Associate Director of the Enforcement Division. The following may or may not be among the questions asked to them, we will have to see:

  • If the RC program is riddled with failures and fraud, and China dominates EB5 applications to the tune of 80% or more, perhaps a partial answer for the agencies' problems would be to pause Chinese 526 processing for a short time, while the agencies look at failures and frauds tracing back to customary practices of Chinese migration agents?
  • USCIS has seen fit to approve a RC owned in part by a Chinese government entity - should not processing for 526s associated with this RC be paused until a thorough FBI counter-intelligence review is complete?
  • To the extent that no enforcement steps can be effective unless benchmarked against a goal to be achieved, what are USCIS and SEC doing to measure the reduction in the role of Chinese migration agents in the EB5 eco-system as a worthy goal for American enforcement efforts? Or is the plan to continue to permit Chinese migration agents to dictate to USCIS/SEC how EB5 is to be?
  • Since job creation is the raison d'etre for EB5, and in the event that USCIS has the authority to decide this, how about reducing the capital amount required in TEAs to $250k to spur more investment in labor-intensive sectors in USA? (This would also have the effect of diversifying EB5 capital sources away from China, and make therefore for a stronger EB5 program.) Or is USCIS's plan to further enrich Chinese migration agents by raising the capital amount higher than $500k to increase American dependence on the Chinese market for EB5?

It is alleged by some in the EB5 industry that while there is disagreement on TEAs, there is widespread agreement on "integrity measures". However, it is entirely possible that several significant players in the EB5 industry benefit from insufficient enforcement and inadequate integrity rules. If there really is consensus on "integrity measures", then what is Congress waiting for - why can't these be enacted in February? Perhaps the reason to wait for September is to then use the excuse of the general election to kick the can down by another year, thus perpetuating bad industry practices. This would seem to be the case, since it is apparent that Senators Grassley and Leahy are not calling the shots on EB5. Events in December 2015 made clear that the key actors with real power over EB5 are Senators Cornyn and Schumer who appear determined to extend current industry bad habits for as long as possible. Regardless of which way this goes - whether Mr. Grassley and Mr. Leahy succeed in asserting the authority that the Judiciary Committee has traditionally had over immigration matters, or whether Mr. Cornyn and Mr. Schumer succeed in subverting the authority of the Judiciary Committee, immigration finally has, in the form of EB5, hit the big time - EB5 has the full attention of leaders of both parties to the extent that regular order in the Senate is now an open question. We wish Senators Grassley and Leahy luck tomorrow, they will need it.

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