Comment: Immigration Bills Popping
Three immigration bills appear to be moving forward toward enactment in the next few days, affecting EB5, VWP and Physicians.

  • Physicians: a 10-year effort by the physician immigration bar has finally resulted in a narrowly tailored 4-page bill with unanimous bi-partisan support in the Senate Judiciary committee, clearing a number of anomalies in current law, and with other important provisions affecting physicians.
  • EB5: it appears that re-authorization without reform of EB5 is not possible given the persistence of fraud and the widespread circumvention of Congressional direction as to location receiving EB5 funds; a 34-page bill replete with integrity provisions appears to be the best bet to reform EB5, despite the bill's many imperfections; the RC program may face immediate extinction unless reformed, which is why IIUSA, to the best of our understanding, is backing this bill.
  • VWP: The recent terrorist attacks in Paris were carried out by French and Belgian nationals (albeit one individual may have used refugee papers, stolen or otherwise) - the VWP program leaves the USA wide open to terrorists endemic to Europe, where unintegrated immigrant populations are ripe for radicalization; the House's recent misguided bill targeting Syrian refugees faces a certain White House veto and no chance of becoming law, a more intelligently crafted bill on VWP can actually keep America safe, such a bill is currently being written on the Hill.

Language from all three bills will likely get incorporated into the Omnibus Appropriations Bill due to be finalized Friday, and to be introduced in the House formally for a vote shortly thereafter. We urge our readers affected by the above issues to call their Congressional representatives (beginning with the House, and then the Senate) urging enactment. Details at this stage are sketchy, and imperfections are natural in any legislation which is the product of partisan compromise. However, consideration by Congress of the above represents a significant step forward for immigration - we finally have the ear of Congress. Immigration Daily urges our readers to give Congress an earful on all three measures above, and to urge their inclusion in the Omnibus Appropriations Bill. Don't delay - today is the day - just do it now!

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