Comment: VisaGate Again
The FedGov is at it again. After instituting much needed change to the Visa Bulletin, for which Immigration Daily publicly commended USCIS and DOS, we understand that USCIS may compel DOS to rescind material parts of the October visa bulletin. Its deja vu all over again, remember the summer of 2007? - and just like that summer, and other voices for immigrants adversely affected by this change need to start a major public relations campaign immediately to shame USCIS/DOS into keeping their word. Hundreds of thousands of Indians/Chinese and other nationalities will continue in indentured condition, without the ability to travel to meet family overseas, all due to anti-immigrationists who have smuggled their way into jobs at USCIS/DOS and are doing their best to ensure misery for immigrants in the USA. We understand that the White House was behind the new concept of "final action date", as part of President Obama's pro-immigration efforts, and this initiative alone (combined with DACA of course) is sufficient to cement Mr. Obama's legacy in immigration. However, Immigration Daily has learned that there are those within USCIS/DOS who march to the beat of their own drum, the President be damned. Some miscreants in USCIS/DOS garb are willing to risk significant litigation sure to ensue, all in the hope that President-to-be Trump will look upon them favorably.

As a matter of public policy, the post-9/11 period has seen an unrelenting war unleashed on immigrants by the Executive Branch (with the knowing connivance of Congress), with DACA being the only exception. The "final action date" concept - together with its concomitant: a stable and dependable Visa Bulletin process where DOS says what it means and means what it says - is the only other piece of significant good news in immigration benefits in a decade and a half. It now appears that some at USCIS/DOS are desperate to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and are eager to cinch the Insanity Prize so as to assure defeat in federal court for arbitrariness/caprice in Visa Bulletin procedure.

Perhaps there exists, somewhere in the bowels of the federal government, an agency similar in duties to an office of Inspector General, where those pursuing an ideological agenda under the fig leaf of executive discretion, can be publicly identified, ridiculed, and removed from authority. If such an agency exists, we urge officials there to get started in pursuing the reprobates ensconced at USCIS/DOS. We urge those in government at USCIS/DOS who are patriots, and who believe in the rule of the law, to energetically, steadfastly and resolutely stand up to malefactors within USCIS/DOS and secure the October Visa Bulletin into seamless implementation next week, without any alteration whatsoever. We urge the immigration bar to get ready to litigate in a serious and uncompromising fashion, to compel USCIS/DOS to behave properly and rationally using the power of the federal courts. We urge the immigrant community, particularly those from India and China, and especially those at, to get started with a public relations campaign to hold the government's feet to the fire in the manner of the summer of 2007. To the extent that the tech industry means what it says about immigration, we urge those in the tech industry to pressure those within the beltway into consistent and dependable practices - the stakes are much higher than the tech industry currently realizes. And we pray that these United States of America will survive the erratic and subjective behavior of some officials at USCIS/DOS who play with immigrant lives as if they were merely pawns, mere grains of sand.

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Focus: EB-5 Regional Center Roundtable September 29
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Guest Speaker: Reid Thomas
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