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Today's Immigration Daily carries various items of interest including an article the Job Stealing Myth of the H1B Visa Holder; Blogging on The Successes, Failures, and Lessons from the Immigration Act of 1965; Also find out why the USCIS Suspended its Final Adjudication of Employment-Based Adjustment Applications for the Remainder of FY 2015

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Article: Job Stealing Myth of the H1B Visa Holder. By Sheila Danzig

Article: A Specific Allegation of Error in Law or Fact. By Joseph P. Whalen

Blogging: Malkin: Don't Naturalize Immigrants Unless They Vote Republican. By Roger Algase

Blogging: BALCA Determines that Employee Referral Program Begins When Employees are Alerted to. By Cadence Moore

Blogging: CATO Institute: The Successes, Failures, and Lessons from the Immigration Act of 1965. By Matthew Kolken

Bloggings By Greg Siskind: EB-5, E-Verify, Conrad 30 and Religious Workers Programs Likely Getting 10 Week Extension; Siskind's Immigration Bulletin - September 2015.

News: USCIS Suspends Final Adjudication of Employment-Based Adjustment Applications for the Remainder of FY 2015

Focus: The Physician Immigration Book - Price Reduced
ILW.COM is pleased to present The Physician Immigration Book edited by Robert Aronson.
Contributors: Articles by Ana Acosta, Mary Amundson, Robert Aronson, Lisa Atkins, Therese Bart, Janice Bianco, Ingrid Brey, Brian Bruner, Elise Bruner, Jacqueline Bucar, Lisa Claypool, Kristi Crawford, Karen Dean, Alex Dgebuadze, Robert Divine, Goldie Domingue, Maria Fritzinger Elias, Eleanor Fitzpatrick, Roberta Freedman, Kristen Harris, Wendy Hess, Dayna Kelly, Khorzad Mehta, Jennifer Minear, Bruce Morrison, George Newman, Elizabeth Neuwirth, Karen Pollins, Ana Pottratz Acosta, Jennell Prentice, Elizabeth Quinn, Michelle Scimecca, Suzanne Seltzer, Carl Shusterman, Greg Siskind, Rita Sostrin, Tim Skinner, Sarah Peterson Strensrud, Margaret Stock, Hamel Vyas, Tracy Wallowicz, David Ware, Nathan Waxman, Andrew Wizner and Robert Whitehill

The book outline is as follows:

  • Introduction
  • The Physician Workforce And Healthcare Realities
  • The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program: Views From The Inside And The Outside
  • Starting The Immigration Process: The Art Of The Client Intake Process
  • J-1 Waiver Strategy And Practice For Physicians
  • H-1B Temporary Worker Considerations And Strategy For Physicians
  • Assessing All Possibilities: Other Nonimmigrant Visa Options For Physicians
  • Long Term Options: Permanent Residence And Naturalization
  • Compliance Considerations
  • Designing A Better Mousetrap: Some Thoughts On Legislative Reform

For more info on The Physician Immigration Book and to order:
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Headline: In speech to Congress, Pope Francis urges action on immigration, climate Click here
Headline: Little Girl Is Star of Papal Parade Click here
Headline: With History of Emigration, Poland Now Confronts Immigration Crisis Click here
Headline: U.S. immigration agents to be let back into Los Angeles County jails Click here

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Letters of the Week:

ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
September 29, 2015, 3pm (Eastern). The Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman will hold a teleconference on USCIS forms. The Office will explore USCIS' reasons for changing forms, the federal government's process for public comment and revision, and the impact it has on customers, including immigration practitioners and advocates. Registered participants will have an opportunity to provide input during the Q&A section of the teleconference. Please RSVP with "USCIS Forms" in the subject line by Friday, September 25, 2015 to Teleconference call-in information will be provided upon RSVP.

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