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Article: The SBInet project produced a virtual fence only 53 miles long at a cost to the American taxpayers of one billion dollars. What can we expect from the project that replaced it, the Arizona Border Surveillance Technology Plan? By Nolan Rappaport

Article: Amicus Brief: Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAS) For EB-5 Regional Centers. By Joseph Whalen

Blogging: US, Europe Had No Problem With European Refugees During The Cold War. By Roger Algase

Blogging: Immigrant of the Day: Mike Krieger - Instagram Founder. By Eden Siskind

News: DHS Secretary Johnson Statement on Reforms to Family Residential Centers

Focus: The EB-5 Summit, San Francisco, CA - Early Bird Registration Deadline
The EB-5 Summit For Attorneys and Developers will be taking place on September 11th in Chicago, IL. The speakers include Robert Divine (Discussion Leader), Matthew Galati, Matt Gordon, Reid Thomas, Trevor Saliba, Greg White, and others to be announced. This event is sponsored by E3 Investment Group, NES Financial and Seyfarth Shaw LLP. The curriculum is as follows:

  • Where does EB-5 fit in the Capital Stack
  • How does one find investors
  • Lawfully Advising on Choosing A Project
  • Developing the I-924 Application
  • -526 Petitions and Source of Funds Issues
  • I-829 Applications and Documenting Job Creation
  • Funds Administration
  • The Non-Regional Center Concept
  • Security Issues in EB-5
  • Roundtable with all speakers on all EB-5 Matters

For additional information, including speaker biographies, sponsor profiles, and to register, please see: Online
For the fax form, see here.
Don't delay, act today - The Early Bird Registration Deadline is September 29th. Sign up today and save $550!

Headline: US civil rights report condemns abuses against detained immigrants Click here
Headline: For illegal immigrants with babies, the anchor pulls in many directions Click here
Headline: In Houston, Bush Faults GOP Over Immigration Attitude Click here
Headline: Obama Unilaterally Rewrites Immigration Law - Again Click here

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
October 6, 2015, 2:30 - 3:30pm (Eastern). U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will hold a stakeholder teleconference to discuss the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Yemen. During this teleconference, USCIS officials will explain the TPS registration procedures, provide information on EADs and fee waivers, and respond to your questions and concerns. For more information and registration instructions see here.

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