Comment: AILA Executive Director Departs
We understand the Crystal Williams is stepping down as Executive Director of AILA. AILA has had only three Executive Directors in its history, and each of them has left his/her own stamp on the organization, for better or for worse. Likewise, during the tenure of the current Executive Director there have been both good points and bad points. A good point is that AILA has become a serious publishing house. Another good point is that AILA has set its finances on sound footing. A bad point is that the current Executive Director has been the subject of more controversy than her predecessors. Another negative is that to the extent that serving immigrants is a mission of AILA, the organization has been unable to ameliorate the mistreatment immigrants have suffered under our Deporter in Chief. This departure offers the Board of Governors of AILA an opportunity to find a replacement who has the best of the strengths of past Executive Directors and the least of all their shortcomings. We wish AILA's Executive Committee all the best in finding the best candidate.

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Focus: Seminar - I-9 & E-Verify for Experts: Advanced I-9 Issues - Ensuring Compliance Going Forward
The third and final session of the seminar series, "I-9 & E-Verify for Experts" will be taking place this Thursday, May 14th. The Discussion Leader is Susan Wehrer and other speakers for this series include Ruth Clark, Nicole Kersey, Montserrat Miller, and Angelo Paparelli. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session - I-9 Compliance Challenges - Employer Self-Audits
(You will receive a CD-ROM of this session)

  • Making the Case to your Client to Review I-9 Compliance
    • Potential Fines/Civil Liability
    • Criminal Liability
  • Identifying the Desired Outcome
  • The Self-Audit
    • Timing
    • Various Forms of Self-Audits
    • Committing to Conduct Remediation
  • Guiding Employers in the Scope and Process

SECOND Phone Session - After the Audit - Remediation
(You will receive a CD-ROM of this session)
  • Creating a Correction Plan
  • I-9 Correction Issues
  • Recent USCIS Guidance on Corrections
  • Timeline for corrections and employees presenting acceptable documentation
  • Avoiding Discrimination

THIRD Phone Session on May 14, 2015 - Advanced I-9 Issues - Ensuring Compliance Going Forward
  • Reviewing the Employer's Completion Procedure/Training
  • E-Verify? Current Best Practices for E-Verify Registration
  • Advanced Issues
    • Challenging Combinations of Documents for I-9 Completion
    • Anti-Discrimination Issues
  • Moving to electronic I-9 system/ensuring historical I-9s are appropriately stored

The registration deadline for this session is May 12nd at 11:59 pm.
For additional information, including speaker biographies and to register, please see:
Fax Form:

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Certified Translation Services
Are you looking for certified translations for immigration purposes? American Evaluation and Translation Service, Inc. (AETS), a corporate member of the American Translators Association, provides certified translations in over 100 languages. Since we primarily cater to law firms and universities, AETS' linguists, all of whom either have Master's degrees or more than five years of translation experience, are experts in the field of immigration-related translations. Why entrust anyone else with such important documents? Contact AETS today for a FREE quote. For a copy of our Application for Translation Service, please click here, call (786)276-8190,email, or fax the documents to (786)524-0448 or (786)524-3300. Please note that AETS also provides Educational, Work Experience, and Position Evaluations. For more information, please visit the website here or our Foreign Credential Evaluation application here. Application.2013.pdf. You may also call us at (786)276-8190. New customers to AETS will receive a 25% on their first Educational Evaluation request, or on their first one-page translation request - just mention Promotion Code: AETS.ILW.25 to avail of this discount.

DNA Testing
With over a decade of experience and access to over 5000 collection centers nationwide, DNA Lab Center is one of the leaders in the DNA testing industry. All DNA Tests performed are accredited by the A.A.B.B. (the American Association of Blood Banks) and within the guidelines set forth by the DHS. Our reports are accepted by the Consular Section at the embassy, the U.S.C.I.S., and American Citizen Services offices. Every sample collection performed follows a strict chain-of-custody allowing the results to be notarized and court admissible. Using the most advanced technology in the industry, DNA Lab Center is able to reach 99.9 % accuracy on each test we perform. DNA Lab Center will coordinate shipping the DNA collection kit(s) to the embassy requesting the test and will also provide all contact information to embassy personnel for scheduling the beneficiary's appointment. You can be confident your clients will receive the utmost care, consideration, and confidentiality throughout this process. English, Spanish, French and Hebrew spoken. Contact: 866-940-4DNA, 866-720-3550, 718-940-4DNA, Website:

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
May 14, 2015, 8:15am - 3:30pm (Eastern), Baltimore, MD. The Pro Bono Resource Center of Maryland, Inc. (PBRC) will hold the "2015 Maryland Partners for Justice Conference." Panels include "Executive Action for Immigrants" and "The Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Crisis." For more information and registration information see here.

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