Comment: Chinese Immigration Surpasses Mexican
America's Community Survey conducted by the US Census Bureau which is the gold standard for statistics, has produced a stunning graph of national origins of immigrant flows. This graph shows a collapse of immigration from Mexico from over 350,000 in 2005 to a mere 125,000 in 2013. During the same time Chinese immigration grew from around 50,000 in 2005 to 147,000 in 2013. In 2013, even Indian immigration at 129,000 surpassed Mexican immigration. The collapse of Mexican immigration can be traced to several factors, the most fundamental one being demographic. The number of live births per woman in Mexico has been diving and has fallen from 6.7 children in 1970 to 2.2 children in 2013. (Once that number falls below the magic number of 2.1, the population of a country begins to shrink.) As countries approach and cross that number downward, strong demand for labor in the country absorbs most of the labor and dramatically reduces migration out of the country. In addition to fundamental demographic reasons, the graph reflects the improving political and economic climate in Mexico, and unfortunately, heavy deportation of undocumented Mexicans by the Obama administration. The modern US information-age economy can more fruitfully absorb Indian and Chinese educated migrants, adding yet another wrinkle to what is, at root, a demographic story.

Here is a television report on this US Census Bureau study from New York based NTD Television serving more than 100 million potential viewers in China and around the world. The report features our Publisher Sam Udani commenting on this Census report. As they say, demography is destiny, Immigration Daily looks forward to covering the dramatic rise of Chinese immigration to the USA over the coming years.

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Editor: Joel Stewart; Contributors: Christian Allen, Jonathan Amdur, Davis Bae, Robert E. Banta, Susan L. Brady, Barbara Brandes, Lorna Rogers Burgess, J. Ira Burkemper, Ramon Carrion, Blake Chisam, Susan J. Cohen, Jeffrey Devore, Victoria Donoghue, Gary Endelman, Rami Fakhoury, Jane Goldblum, Paul Hejinian, Linda Kim, Howard Kushner, Christina La Brie, David Lazaar, Katherine Lopez Ley, Edwin Litwin, Benjamin M. Lowe, Joan Matheu, Margaret McCormick, Cyrus D. Mehta, Lori S. Melton, Nancy Jo-Meritt, Matt Morse, Sherry Neal, David B.Pakula, Michael E. Piston, Edwin Rubin, Linda Rose, Lawrence Rudnick, Rebecca L. Sigmund, Jay Solomon, Timothy Spridgeon, Richard Tasoff, Rohit Turkhud, Kiran Vairale-Mumtaz, Alison Walters, Nathan A. Waxman, Mitchell L. Wexler, Leon Wildes, Sofia Zneimer.

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  • Perm Overview by Featured Authors: Edwin Rubin "How to Prepare a PERM Form"; Larry Rudnick "Responding to Audits and Requests for Reconsideration"; Michael Piston "Appeal Strategies: BALCA and Federal Courts"
  • Special Issues in Focus: Prevailing Wage Survival Kit by Linda Kim; Guide to Recruitment and Advertising by Rohit Turkhud; Alien Control: Investors, Family Ownership and PERM by Robert Banta
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  • Agency Interpretations: Frequently Asked Questions; PERM Stakeholder Meeting Reports; General Administration Letters; Foreign Labor Certification Memoranda; Prevailing Wage Memoranda
  • Roadmaps and Checklists: Overview of PERM Cases; Overall PERM Flow Chart; Employer Checklist; Alien Checklist; Job Offer Checklist; Attorney/Agent Checklist; Prevailing Wage Checklist; Minimum Requirements Checklist; Recruitment and Advertising; Special Requirements
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