Comment: New Year, New Hope
Newsweek reports of the many signs that the New Year brings new hope for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Among other things, the report points to the recent hiring by Speaker Boehner, of Rebecca Tallent, a former chief of staff to Senator John McCain; the several immigration bills reported by the House Judiciary committee this year and more planned next year; and the unusual level of cooperation that led to bipartisan passage of the federal budget last month.

After the speaker, the most important person to watch is Representative Bob Goodlatte, R-Virginia, head of the House Judiciary Committee, and charged with drafting immigration legislation... Calling the issue a "top priority" for the coming year, Goodlatte promised that his approach would go beyond Republican hobbyhorses like border security to a possible deal over legal status for the 12 million undocumented immigrants already in the United States... Perhaps the best sign that immigration reform may come to fruition in the coming year is the bipartisan passage of the federal budget this month. If Boehner was prepared to buck the powerful Tea Party groups and the most conservative members of his caucus to pass a budget deal, perhaps he has the stomach to do it again to pass immigration changes.

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