Comment: Failure of Alabama Immigration Law
In 2011, Alabama passed a draconian immigration law (HB 56) that outlawed renting to undocumented immigrants, required police to arrest suspected immigration violators, used schools to identify undocumented immigrants and made even charity towards them a crime. MSNBC reports how the harshest immigration state law failed.

But two years later, HB 56 is in ruins. Its most far-reaching elements have proved unconstitutional, unworkable, or politically unsustainable. Elected officials, social workers, clergy, activists, and residents say an initial immigrant evacuation that roiled their communities ended long ago… Politicians, tired of complaints from business, police, religious leaders and more, quickly called for changes. “I’ve learned in life that if you make a mistake, you should be man enough to admit it,” Republican state senator Gerald Dial… Seven months after the law went into effect, the state legislature passed a round of revisions… But as provision after provision fell, it became clear that the original goal of the law - to expel the state’s undocumented immigrants - was not going to happen… In an effective act of surrender, Alabama settled its various lawsuits in October 2013 and coughed up $350,000 to cover their opponents’ legal bills… initial exodus of immigrants after HB 56 took effect was short lived.

The patchwork of state legislations attempting to fix nations immigration laws has not worked. Anti-immigrationist attempt to control immigration through draconian laws has proved unconstitutional, un-implementable, and unpopular. It is time for the House to live up to its responsibilities and to fix nations broken immigration system. Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at

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Houston - Participants Needed for Focus Groups to Suggest Process Improvements to the H-1B Program - USCIS has initiated and funded a study to obtain external stakeholder perspectives on the H-1B adjudication process and to develop recommendations to improve the process. USCIS hopes to better understand the dynamics of high-skilled labor markets in the United States to anticipate future demand and make program adjustments within their authority. Mathematica Policy Research and Migration Policy Institute were selected by USCIS to conduct this study of the H-1B program. In Houston, one of the four focus locations, FosterQuan has been asked to assist in recruiting participants from employers and H-1B employees who have previously used the H-1B program. To conduct the study, MPI is looking for participants in two separate focus Groups: 1. An H-1B employer focus group and 2. An H-1B beneficiary (employee) focus group. Each focus group will last approximately 90 minutes. The focus groups will be scheduled in December 2013, at a time and place convenient to most participants in the Houston area. For additional information, please see: If you are interested in improving the H-1B program, please email

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