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Article: Stop Beating that Dead Horse: THE Premier EB-5 Franchise-Based Regional Center Proposal was Overwhelmingly Inadequate and was Denied in 2010 by Joseph P. Whalen

Blogging: Immigration: While Washington Waffles, California Acts! by Carl Shusterman


Blogging: The Tea Party's Existential Threat to Immigration's Future by Roger Algase

News: USCIS Announces Special Immigrant Visa Program for Iraqi Nationals Who Worked For or On Behalf of the US Government Extended

Focus: Global Mobility Book
ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new book: Global Mobility: An Overview for Human Resource Professionals. The editor is Poorvi Chothani, and will include articles by Amit Acco, Enrique Arellano, Ted Badoux, Jacqueline R. Bart, Timur Beslangurov, Ruslan Bocancea, Marla Bojorge, Renuka Cavadini, Hector Gabriel Celano, Poorvi Chothani, Zahida Ebrahim, Chisato Higashio, Frank S. Hong, Tsvi Kan-Tor, Catherine Lau, Gunther Mavers, Marco Mazzeschi, James Minamoto, Jacqueline Nyabwa, Russel L. Rodriguez, Sonal Sejpal, Maria Luisa Soter, Lozano A. Tan, Sithie Tiruchelvam, Karl Waheed, Jeremy A. Weber, and William F. White. The outline is as follows:

  • Argentina by Hector Gabriel Celano
  • Australia by Maria Jockel
  • Brazil by Maria Luisa Soter
  • Canada by Jacqueline R. Bart
  • The People's Republic Of China by Frank S. Hong
  • France by Karl Waheed
  • Germany by Gunther Mavers
  • Hong Kong by Catherine Lau
  • India by Poorvi Chothani
  • Israel by Tsvi Kan-Tor and Amit Acco
  • Italy by Marco Mazzeschi
  • Japan by James Minamoto and Chisato Higashio
  • Kenya by Sonal Sejpal and Jacqueline Nyabwa
  • Mexico by Enrique Arellano
  • The Netherlands by Ted Badoux
  • The Philippines by Lozano A. Tan and Russel L. Rodriguez
  • Romania by Ruslan Bocancea
  • Russia by Timur Beslangurov
  • South Africa by Zahida Ebrahim
  • Spain by Marla Bojorge
  • Sri Lanka by Sithie Tiruchelvam
  • Switzerland by Renuka Cavadini
  • Thailand by Jeremy A. Weber and William F. White
  • United Kingdom by Poorvi Chothani
  • United States of America by Poorvi Chothani

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorney
Los Angeles immigration law firm - Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP - seeks a high-performing mid to senior-level, or lateral transfer, attorney with supervisory experience, excellent client service, case management, organizational, writing, and analytical skills. Must have experience in business immigration with extensive experience in non-immigrant and immigrant visas and PERM applications. Competitive salary, attractive bonus compensation and excellent benefits package. The law firm is a nationally-recognized leader in several immigration practice specialties. Expertise covers a broad range of matters, including investor, employment, and family-based immigration, as well as removal proceedings, federal court appeals, asylum and naturalization. Please send cover letter and resume to All replies will be kept confidential.

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Letters of the Week: Linda Grays, Shaikh Ahmed

ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
October 21, 2013 - 1:00pm-2:30pm [EST] - Washington, DC - Join the Economic Policy Institute for their event, "The Price of Rights: An Examination of International Immigration Policies" as they discuss whether Congress should open the US labor market to more foreign workers and how to reform federal immigration laws. For additional information and to register, please see:

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