Comment: Discount on The EB-5 Summit For Attorneys and Developers - Los Angeles - $100-Off Registration Deadline
The EB-5 Summit For Attorneys and Developers will be held on Friday, October 18, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA. The speakers include Michele Buchanan, Elizabeth Peng, Matt Gordon, Nenad Radu, Reid Thomas, and Sam Udani; other speakers to be announced soon.

The curriculum is as follows:


  • Corporate and Securities Law in EB-5
  • Lawfully Advising on Choosing A Project
  • Structuring the Deal in Project Financing
  • Developing the 924 Application
  • Lunch
  • 526 Petitions and Source of Funds Issues
  • 829 Applications and Documenting Job Creation
  • Funds Administration
  • Innovation in EB-5, The Non-Regional Center Concept
  • Finding Investors in China
  • Finding Investors Other Than China

For details on curriculum, speaker bios, and registration information, please see: here.
For the fax form, see here.

Don't delay, act today! $100 Off Deadline is October 1st!

Article: Mischaracterizations of Evidence, Hyperbolic Rhetoric, Total Fabrications, and Unsupported or Conslusory Assertions of Counsel by Joseph Whalen

Blogging: Egyptian Coast Guard Fires on, Kills Syrian Refugees by Jason Dzubow

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News: USCIS Announces Set Limit for FY 2014 for CNMI-Only Transitional Workers

News: USCIS and DHS Publish Notification of Numerical Limitation

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ComingsNGoings: Immigration Event
September 26 - 7:30pm-9:00pm [EST] - USCIS invites all interested to participate in a national Chinese-language engagement (Jiao liu) session as part of their ongoing series of multilingual public engagements. This Jiao liu session will provide information on the naturalization process. To participate, call 1-800-857-6924 (password: Jiao liu) or via live web stream at

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