Comment: Immigration Laws Hurt Economy
The Boston Herald carries an op-ed by the president of the American Bar Association arguing for comprehensive immigration reform. "What is remarkable is not that future business owners look to our shores, but that our nation's obtuse immigration laws have not suffocated business innovation and development altogether… Even the brightest foreign students graduating from U.S. universities cannot obtain continuing visas and are forced to leave the United States, taking their knowledge and ideas with them… Matters of life and liberty are decided in our system of immigration justice without the most basic protections that we expect in American courts." To preserve and raise American competitiveness in the global economy, the House must pass CIR. Please let us know your thoughts by writing to us at

Article: Bait-and-Switch, USCIS-Style by Kenneth White

Blogging: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court on Retroactive Application of Padilla v Kentucky by Matthew Kolken

Blogging: Driver’s Licenses for the Undocumented in California by Carl Shusterman

Bloggings by Greg Siskind:  Education Secretary: Colleges Should Offer Lower Tuition to DREAMers,  California to Provide Illegally Present Immigrants with Drivers Licenses

Bloggings by Roger Algase:  Incompetence, Not Only Intolerance, is a Barrier to Immigration,  Over 100 Brave Women Arrested Protesting For Immigration Reform,   House GOP Leaders Say: Enforcement Only - Now And (Probably) Forever

News: USCIS Updates Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Statistics

Focus: Focus: The PERM Book 3rd Edition
ILW.COM is pleased to announce a new edition of The PERM Book at our discounted price of $199.

Editor: Joel Stewart; Contributors: Christian Allen, Jonathan Amdur, Davis Bae, Robert E. Banta, Susan L. Brady, Barbara Brandes, Lorna Rogers Burgess, J. Ira Burkemper, Ramon Carrion, Blake Chisam, Susan J. Cohen, Jeffrey Devore, Victoria Donoghue, Gary Endelman, Rami Fakhoury, Jane Goldblum, Paul Hejinian, Linda Kim, Howard Kushner, Christina La Brie, David Lazaar, Katherine Lopez Ley, Edwin Litwin, Benjamin M. Lowe, Joan Matheu, Margaret McCormick, Cyrus D. Mehta, Lori S. Melton, Nancy Jo-Meritt, Matt Morse, Sherry Neal, David B.Pakula, Michael E. Piston, Edwin Rubin, Linda Rose, Lawrence Rudnick, Rebecca L. Sigmund, Jay Solomon, Timothy Spridgeon, Richard Tasoff, Rohit Turkhud, Kiran Vairale-Mumtaz, Alison Walters, Nathan A. Waxman, Mitchell L. Wexler, Leon Wildes, Sofia Zneimer

Special Comprehensive IT Section
by Rami Fakhoury and Matt Morse

  • Fakhoury Law Group
    • IT Occupations under SOC and O*Net
    • Roving Employees: Travel, 3rd Party Sites, Unanticipated Locations and Home Office
    • Diploma and Work Equivalencies
    • Alternative Requirements

Perm Overview by Featured Authors

  • Edwin Rubin "How to Prepare a PERM Form"
  • Larry Rudnick "Responding to Audits and Requests for Reconsideration"
  • Michael Piston "Appeal Strategies: BALCA and Federal Courts"

Special Issues in Focus:

  • Prevailing Wage Survival Kit by Linda Kim
  • Guide to Recruitment and Advertising by Rohit Turkhud
  • Alien Control: Investors, Family Ownership and PERM by Robert Banta

Statute and Regulations

  • PERM Rule
  • Preamble to PERM Rule (December, 2004)
  • PERM Forms (Current) & Instructions
  • PERM Forms (Proposed)

Agency Interpretations

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • PERM Stakeholder Meeting Reports
  • General Administration Letters
  • Foreign Labor Certification Memoranda
  • Prevailing Wage Memoranda

Roadmaps and Checklists

  • Overview of PERM Cases
  • Overall PERM Flow Chart
  • Employer Checklist
  • Alien Checklist
  • Job Offer Checklist
  • Attorney/Agent Checklist
  • Prevailing Wage Checklist
  • Minimum Requirements Checklist
  • Recruitment and Advertising
  • Special Requirements

Sample Cases

  • Approved Perm Applications
  • Approved Prevailing Wage Requests
  • Requests for Reconsideration

State Workforce Agencies:
By Kiran Vairale

  • Contacts and Addresses
  • How to Place 30 Day Job Orders
  • How to Document Results of Recruitment

For additional information, including author biographies and purchase information, please see:
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October 8, 2013 - 1:30pm [EST] - Washington, D.C. - Terrorist-Related Inadmissibility Grounds Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting - The USCIS Terrorist-Related Inadmissibility Grounds (TRIG) Working Group will host its quarterly stakeholder meeting to provide updates and statistics regarding the TRIG workload and allow participants to raise TRIG-related questions and issues. To participate in this in-person event, please RSVP by emailing the Public Engagement Division at In the email, please reference "TRIG Quarterly" in the subject line and include your full name and the organization you represent in the body.

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