Comment: The Two AILAs
The 2013 AILA election is perhaps the most contentious in memory. And perhaps there is a reason for that. AILA's roots are as a grassroots organization with members who were well networked with each other even outside the formal organization activities. This bottom-up inter-connectedness gave rise to a camaraderie which was well-remarked upon. However, beginning with previous AILA Executive Director Jeanne Butterfield, and continuing with current Executive Director Crystal Williams, the old AILA has changed into something quite different - there are now two AILAs, as it were. One AILA is a membership association, the other is a publishing company. The first AILA is no different than the old AILA - and it continues to thrive, particularly at the Chapter level - where regular and frequent meetings continue with the characteristics of bonhomie and a spirit of sharing and common goals in obtaining benefits for clients not only all existing, but all remaining healthy and well. The other AILA is a publishing company no different than Westlaw or Lexislaw - with an intense focus on obtaining revenue from immigration lawyers through the sale of publications, seminars, and various other products and services. About a decade ago, the two AILAs were equal in size - both accounted for about half of AILA's revenues. Today, AILA's publishing activities account for about 2/3rds of revenues, whereas membership fees account for about a 1/3rd. When most of the revenue comes from membership dues, a focus on membership needs usually follows - whereas a situation where publishing is the main revenue producing activity usually leads to product development skills being focused on. The contentious election may well be a result of the tensions between the two AILAs - a membership association opposed to a revenue-maximizing books and seminar company. If so, this will not be the last contentious election, there may be more such contentious battles to come in the future, since the underlying cause is unlikely to go away. Be that as it may, Immigration Daily remains committed to providing a forum for attorneys who wish to opine on matters connected to the 2013 AILA election. Please find those candidate statements that were submitted to us below (a new one has been added):

Running For AILA Treasurer: Annaluisa Padilla, Ken Rinzler
Running For AILA Board of Governors: Ally Bolour; Janet Henner; Matthew I. Hirsch (short, long); Marketa Lindt; Heather Segal; Sarah Peterson Stensrud; Greg Siskind; Ian Wagreich.

AILA members can cast their vote here.

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Focus: Family Immigration For Experts - Discounted Price! is pleased to announce our newest seminar series "Family Immigration For Experts" at our discounted price! Now, for the price of one, you can participate in all three sessions! The Discussion Leader will be Leon Rosen and other speakers will be announced soon. The curriculum is as follows:

FIRST Phone Session on May 23 - Marriage Cases

  • When can agents cost the marital trust hole in investigating the bona fide the of a marital relationship?
  • Hypothetical: Alien spouse is arrested, either by local authorities or ICE where parties were living together but not married. They want to marry but ICE will not release the alien spouse nor make agreements for the conduct for marital settlement.
  • Self petitioning what to do if the US citizen spouse dies before 2 years of the day of marriage but USCIS did not act on the petition in a reasonable period of time?

SECOND Phone Session on June 20 - General Strategies

  • What to do if USCIS denies a petition? -How to compel examination of favorable issues?
  • US citizenship at birth out side the United States. Derivative citizenship
  • Bona fides of marital relationships where the parties reside in different places but for a good cause.
  • Lessons from more than half a century of practice by Leon Rosen

THIRD Phone Session on July 3 - Special Cases

  • Special immigration juveniles. How? When to seek such status?
  • Adoption-what constitutes living with the adoptive parent for 2 years?
  • Same sex marriages: Petitions and Fiance visas

The deadline to register for the first session is May 21, 2013. For additional information, including speaker biographies, please see:

Fax form:

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