Comment: H1B Cap Report Card

The FY 2014 H1B season is over, and the cap was hit in the first week, triggering a lottery. A combined total of about 125,000 petitions were received by USCIS for the twin caps - the regular 65K H1B cap (less Singapore and Chile), and the 20K Master's cap. USCIS thus received about a third more petitions than H1B visas available. Here is the post-mortem, as to forecast and as to policy.

First, the forecast. Immigration Daily had determined, prior to the USCIS announcement in mid-March, that the applications during the first week of April would not be enough to trigger a lottery. Subsequently, a mini-panic was caused by the USCIS announcement that the lottery would be triggered. Who was right - Immigration Daily or USCIS? We don't know - those in the best position to decide are our readers. You can decide, through the following thought-experiment. If, of the petitions you filed for cap-subject cases, less than two-thirds would have been filed prior to April 5, absent the USCIS announcement, then Immigration Daily was right. On the other hand, if, of the petitions you filed for cap-subject cases, more than two-thirds would have been filed prior to April 5, absent the USCIS announcement, then USCIS was right.

Either way, it is the business of the press to make forecasts. Naturally, some of these forecasts will be right, and some will be wrong. Over the years, we hope that we will be right more often than not, but nothing is guaranteed of course. A newspaper, such as Immigration Daily, lives in the public eye - so either way, a newspapers' readers have transparency over a newspaper's doings, including our forecasts. This transparency is a form of control, since a newspaper cannot live without its readers. It is completely otherwise when it comes to a government agency, over which the immigration law community has no control (especially when said agency is not taxpayer-funded), and that brings us to the policy behind the lottery announcement. Even if it was well-intentioned, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that politics played a part in USCIS's announcement. At the stroke of a pen, USCIS has now created 40,000 petitioners who have a stake in getting CIR through Congress in the coming months. This is so, since should Congress enact a statute, immediate relief could be made available to those who did not make this year's H1B lottery. Talk about a lottery, especially with sob stories of heart-rending cases who lost out on the lottery, will make for good theater in the upcoming Congressional debates. While Immigration Daily strongly supports increases in H1B numbers, and strongly urges Congress to get immigration reform enacted promptly, we believe that the executive branch should not be in the business of lobbying Congress - our system of separation of powers forbids this, and it is exactly this that USCIS's lottery announcement has caused. We urge USCIS to refrain from doing the press's job in the future, and urge it to use its forecasting prowess to better coordinate with Fedex to ensure that petitions timely entrusted to Fedex in good faith make it timely to USCIS.

Immigration Daily is proud to serve the immigration law community, we are brave enough to stick our necks out in making forecasts, and we are confident in our readers' understanding and support when we are wrong (which is inevitable from time to time). In the firestorm that lies ahead with Congress taking up CIR in just a few days, our readers can rest assured that Immigration Daily will report what we see - without fear or favor, in the proud tradition of America's free press. Share your thoughts by writing to

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