Comment: The March Of Technology

We live in changing times, primarily due to the rapid march of technology. The US Postal Service will reportedly eliminate Saturday delivery for first class mail, as early as next month. Wednesday delivery will probably also be gone in a few years. The progression from there to the complete elimination of the US postal system will only be a few more years. In other words, by the end of this decade, email will likely have totally destroyed snail mail. Similar changes are happening in other areas where information is distributed, such as college education. MOOC is changing the face of higher education at an even faster pace than the postal system – perhaps 20% of US universities will be no more within a decade. The most welcome aspect of this is that the cost of a university degree is likely headed down in the coming years in consequence of the new technology behind MOOC – a stunning development indeed. Those in despair about law school costs finally have a ray of sunshine to cheer.

Arguably, the major industry most affected by information technology is the information distribution industry, also known as publishing. Whether it is newspapers, or music, or movies, or books – this industry is under heavy siege, and the consensus is that most of the companies in this field will be gone in less than 10 years from today. Whether it is Westlaw, or Lexis, or AILA, or even ILW.COM itself, publishers will either morph into something else, or will go the way of the horse and buggy whip manufacturers – the betting is that very few will be able to morph, most will die (may we emphatically state that we intend to remain around as a small company, unburdened as we are from the massive costs that plague our competitors).

One of the confusions surrounding publishing is the frequent mistaking of printing for publishing. A printer is simply a manufacturer – a publisher in contradistinction is an aggregator of demand and an arbiter of supply. The internet is certainly calling into question the publisher's role in information mediation on the supply side, however, the demand-aggregation role remains intact, unaffected even by google. The point is that immigration attorneys, like many other people outside of publishing, often mistake the owner of a printing press from the aggregator of an audience. It is because we are an internet-based publishing company that we have always refrained from heavy-handed editing which is a bug, not a feature, at AILA, Lexis and West. Wikipedia eventually proved to have not just a higher quantity of articles than Encyclopedia Britannica, but a higher quality as well, particularly in the sciences, the most important point in our scientific age.

As we move forward with our readers into the exciting, technology-driven future in immigration law and policy, may we respectfully point out that we are not manufacturers (unlike printing companies), but distributors of information, a publishing company for the last 13 years, and for many years and decades to come.

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Focus: India And Dubai For EB5

The first quarter of 2013 shows promising developments in overseas EB-5 markets. We have been researching a means of tapping particular regions in Indian cities which have, thus far, been disregarded when attempting to engage prospective EB-5 investors abroad.

In the last full of week of January, ILW conducted a direct EB-5 investor event in India which provided outstanding results. Our effort, in cooperation with our overseas team, allowed us to conduct a two city tour in India which guaranteed a minimum of 30 qualified investors in each city. Both our US and overseas staff executed all marketing, advertising, logistical planning, itinerary, exhibition program, and all comprehensive due diligence associated with incepting the event down to the final day of presentation.

The major goal of this effort was to place our regional center client directly in front of high net worth Indian individuals who express an eager thirst for EB-5 knowledge as well as information regarding how the proper investment can offer a fully legal means of immigration to the US; for their families and themselves alike. The two city tour program included an informative EB-5 investment segment presentation, given by a panel on behalf of the regional center, followed by one on one meetings between the Regional Center Principal and interested investors. This trip was offered as an exclusive engagement fully custom designed for our client, meaning the aforementioned Regional Center was the sole presenter in both cities, fully eliminating competition and any instance of a conflict.

We are pricing these events moderately and charging a flat rate for all associated costs pertaining to hotel accommodations, venue, program materials, audio visual equipment, translation and interpretation services, meals, transportation, etc. (All costs are covered other than client's round trip airfare to destination). We do not ask for (nor do we accept) compensation based upon the amount of investors nor the placement of a security, we are simply charging a flat cost in return for our services that offer our clients the essential resources and tools to convert potential investors into actual investors.

At ILW, we are attempting to reinvent the wheel regarding typical business practices conducted in the overseas EB-5 arena. We are guaranteeing our clients attendance by qualified and interested potential investors. We are conducting in-depth research in order to penetrate untapped EB-5 markets and conducting our business efforts only through utility of absolute ethical practices and forthright transparent sincerity.

Currently, we are developing programs for new foreign markets in Russia, Brazil, and Korea; as of right now, we offer similar direct investor events in Dubai and continue to refine our India Program.

Several India direct investor events will be offered through 2013 and some sponsorship slots are currently available for our four day event in Dubai. Dubai will be conducted in a similar manner in which the India program was executed and we are guaranteeing our clients an exclusive audience (minimum 25 individuals) compiled of Iranian, Egyptian, Indian, and other Middle Eastern high net worth, potential EB-5 investors to attend the regional center presentation as well as the one on one meetings.

2 sponsorship slots are still available, with two already secured by clients. The Dubai dates are tentatively locked for May 18th through the 21st. Saturday - May 18th and Tuesday - 21st are available sponsorship dates.

Please contact us directly to request more information should you be interested in participation. Please email: or call us at (212) 545-0864.

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Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
Philadelphia, PA; New York, NY - Klasko Law is seeking immigration attorneys at all levels to work with investors to document eligibility for EB-5 immigration, advising on alternatives, and guiding investors through the US immigration process. Experience with EB-5 visas and managing a team of paralegals is a plus. The ideal candidate will have excellent credentials and good client relations skills, and will be interested in working on challenging cases in this growing area of immigration law. For additional information, please visit and Email your resume to for prompt and confidential consideration.

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