Comment: Census Bureau Reports Increased Immigration - The LA Times reported today that the pace at which the population of the United States is growing is higher this year for the first time since 2006 and this growth is due largely to a bigger immigrant population. This is significant as an increase in immigration usually occurs when there is an improvement in the destination country's job market. It is reported that approximately 885,800 immigrants settled in the country in this year which is approximately a 14% increase from the number of immigrants who settled in the previous year. According to a projection by the Census Bureau, the rate at which the population is growing will remain constant for about a decade or so, after which there will be a decrease in population as the residents begin aging. The increase in immigration has a multitude of benefits as it is proof of not only our country's improving economy, but it also provides hope for immigration reform, which has been in the news prominently. Find the full article here. Share your thoughts by writing to

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