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Oct. 19 - We Are Not Alone


  • Oct. 19 - We Are Not Alone

    Comment: We Are Not Alone
    The Economist ran a scathing commentary on the state of Britain’s immigration system and, lo and behold, the problems created by their immigration policy and system are not so different than our own. Most significantly, the editorial believes that British policy has stifled high-tech businesses, especially smaller ones, from expanding and kept out talented students. Like British policy, U.S. immigration policy makes it difficult for domestic businesses to quickly fill newly-created jobs with overseas employees when no domestic workers are available. The editorial points to three problems in the current British system as the primary bottlenecks: a political party in power with a goal of reducing net migration unrealistically quickly; the amount of bureaucracy involved which slows the visa approval process; and, politicians misleading the public on immigration for unrelated political gain. The editorial also points to the unfortunately ill-informed populace as another reason why it has been difficult for meaningful progress on immigration policy, pointing to statistics which suggest Britons are, on average, considerably more xenophobic than other Europeans. This sure all sounds familiar, does it not? Americans should take no solace in the fact that our historical contemporaries are losing ground to developing economies as quickly as we are because of equally inferior immigration policy. Instead, nations like the U.S. and Britain must adapt to keep up with the new realities of the global economy. The full editorial can be seen here. Is what is good for the goose good for the gander? Can U.S. and British immigration policies be fixed with the same steps? Or must each nation take a different path to maintain pace in today’s evolving global economy? Tell us what you think at

    Article: Building the Team Concept to Manage and Transition Clients by Ed Poll

    Article: Six Reasons To Consider Applying For DACA by Educators For Fair Consideration

    Bloggings: DOMA Likely to Be Settled Soon by Supreme Court by Greg Siskind

    News: CRS Report On Immigration Detainers: Legal Issues

    Today's Obama's Childhood Arrivals Promise Graph

    Focus: Hot Issues in PERM
    Tuesday, October 23 is the deadline to sign up for the Thursday, October 25 phone session of "Hot Issues in PERM " with Joel Stewart, Ed Rubin, Matt Morse, Kiran Vairale, Robert Banta, David Ware, Rohit Turkhud, Rami Fakhoury, Larry Rudnick, Michael Piston and Others to be announced. The curriculum is as follows:

    FIRST Phone Session on October 25 - PERM: Information Technology Update

    • Roaming Employees
    • Multiple Job Sites
    • Minimum Requirements
    SECOND Phone Session on November 15 - PERM: How to Upgrade to Second Preference & Obtain H-1B Extensions Beyond the 6th Year
    • Occupations
    • Employment Qualifications
    • Education Equivalencies
    • Indian Diplomas
    • Agencies, Experts
    • Student Advisors
    THIRD Phone Session on December 13 - PERM: Supervised Recruitment, Audits and Appeals
    Audits, Supervised Recruitment, Requests to Reconsider, Requests for Review, and Federal Litigation
    • Audits
    • Supervised Recruitment
    • Requests to Reconsider
    • Requests For Review
    • Federal Litigation
    Tuesday, October 23 is the deadline to sign up. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online:
    Fax form:

    Headline: Immigration and same-sex marriage on the Maryland ballot
    Headline: Immigration Arrest Near School, Sparks Protest In Detroit
    Headline: Useful tool: DACA DREAMERS immigrants Use this handy infographic from Voto Latino and Define America
    Headline: President Obama tries to describe Mitt Romney
    Headline: on the left he's reading "The World Is Flat: A Brief
    Headline: Newly-minted US citizens immigration USA citizen
    Headline: Looking for the best candidate? Carry your help wanted ad on Immigration Daily. Find out more details at
    Headline: Analysis: Could Romney Pass Immigration Reform in His First Year?
    Headline: H-1B Book includes H-1B Step By Step, Advanced H-1B Issues and essential memoranda. Get your copy at
    Headline: Learning about deferred action through song.

    Help Wanted: Immigration Attorneys
    Multiple Locations - The Atlanta & Boston Offices of Seyfarth Shaw LLP is seeking staff attorneys for the firm's national Business Immigration and Global Mobility practice. Ideal candidates should have 2+ years of immigration experience with case review and analysis, client management, preparing and filing employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions including PERM processing, overseeing paralegals in case preparation, and serving as the primary contact to numerous prominent business clients. Salary is commensurate with experience. Please apply online in the career section of our website at

    Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegals
    Multiple Locations - The Atlanta & Boston Offices of Seyfarth Shaw LLP is seeking junior and senior paralegals for the firm's national Business Immigration and Global Mobility practice. Junior Immigration Paralegal candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree and a strong desire to learn the fundamentals of immigration law (in practice and theory). Senior paralegal candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree and 4+ years of progressively responsible business immigration experience. Paralegals will participate in all aspects of the firm’s national Business Immigration and Global Mobility practice, including assisting in the management of client relationships, case review and analysis, preparing and filing employment-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions, including PERM processing, and serving as a primary contact to numerous prominent business clients. Salary is commensurate with experience. Please apply online in the career section of our website at

    Help Wanted - Immigration Paralegal
    Toronto, Canada - Egan LLP is seeking a senior business immigration paralegal to manage multiple and challenging US business immigration engagements and to contribute to the delivery of solutions and ideas for our diverse institutional clients. The ideal candidate must have 5+ years of US business immigration experience, be highly organized, have strong attention to details, the ability to communicate effectively and work in a high paced environment with quick turnaround times; must have strong client management skills and experience managing or in assisting in managing client immigration programs. For more information, please visit EY Careers Website or contact Kristel Jang at

    Help Wanted - Immigration Attorney
    Toronto, Canada - Egan LLP is seeking an Associate Attorney to manage multiple and challenging US business immigration engagements and to contribute to the delivery of solutions and ideas for our diverse institutional clients. The ideal candidate must have JD along with admission to any US State Bar, 3+ years of business immigration experience, with an emphasis on high-volume H-1, L-1, NIV and PERM filings. Must have experience in providing advisory services, excellent managerial, organizational and verbal/written communication skills. For more information, please visit EY Careers Website or contact Lisa Chow at

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    Letters of the Week: Ellen Gorman, Cheroqui, Roger Algase, Bandomaggie, Pamela McMinn-McGready

    ComingsNGoings: Immigration Reading
    The Passport in America: The History of a Document - Craig Robertson - Oxford University Press, USA, 352 pp. - Hardcover, ISBN: 0199733422, $26.97 -

    Readers can share professional announcements (up to 100-words at no charge), email:

    An Important disclaimer! The information provided on this page is not legal advice. Transmission of this information is not intended to create, and receipt by you does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship. Readers must not act upon any information without first seeking advice from a qualified attorney. Copyright 1995-2012 American Immigration LLC, ILW.COM. Send correspondence and articles to Letters and articles may be edited and may be published and otherwise used in any medium. The views expressed in letters and articles do not necessarily represent the views of ILW.COM.

    Publisher: Sam Udani ISSN: 1930-062X
    Advisory Board: Jason Dzubow, Rami Fakhoury, Matthew Kolken, Chris Musillo, Greg Siskind, Joel Stewart, Margaret Wong
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    • August 21 - Jobs in San Diego, CA
      We are still experiencing some technical issues with the site, especially with articles and blogs. Please bear with us during the time it will take to fix all the bugs. Don't hesitate to contact us and let us know if you find any such issues. We greatly appreciate your patience during our site upgrade process.

      Comment: Jobs in San Diego, CA

      Immigration firm is hiring immigration Paralegal. See below help wanted ads for San Diego.

      Article: Birthright Citizenship...
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    • August 20 - Site Upgrade
      Comment: Site Upgrade Over the weekend our site underwent a major tech upgrade, which especially affected the discussion board and blogs. This upgrade has drastically improved site security and, once all the bugs are fixed, will boost the aesthetic of the site. As of now, several links to blogs are not working correctly and are showing up as "not found." Our tech person is working to correct these broken links as well as other bugs. Some of our documents may appear in PDF form instead of HTML while the bugs are fixed. Please let us know if you find any other issues with the site. Thank you for your patience while we rapidly work to correct all problems. Fully fixing all the issues may take several days, so please bear with us as we strive to make your user experience the best it can be. Article: The EB-5 Immigration Program and the Investors Process By H. Ronald Klasko News: USCIS Clarification of STEM OPT Extension Reporting Responsibilities and Training Obligations Focus: H1B to EB5 Exhibition/speaking ...
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    • August 17 - Instant Immigration News with Twitter
      Comment: Instant Immigration News with Twitter Being part of a fast-paced generation, where time is essential and something is happening every second, can be difficult to keep up with. There's a place with millions of people where you can receive the latest events, news, have direct access to media members, public officials, attorneys, law firms, and other internet users who want to communicate with you. This place is Twitter; its users see their popularity increase with each mention and new follower. By using 140 character messages, hash tags, retweets and direct messages you'll be able to connect with potential customers, businesses, friends and reconnect with old ones. Twitter gets you on search engines, group similar tweets together and be listed among other well-known Twitter users. The newsfeed is accessible either on your mobile device or computer and the codes are available for your website. If you've ever wondered how to have access to all these benefits, then all you have to do is join Twitter and when you do, please join over 13,000 people who follow "ilwcom". Article: Immigration Judges’ Union Fights for Judicial Independence By Karolina Walters Blogging: ICE Workplace Raids Continue in Nebraska and Minnesota By Bruce Buchanan Blogging: Revoking Critics' Security Clearances; Attacking Free Press: What Began as Trump's Assault on Immigrants is Leading to Full Dictatorship By Roger Algase News: CRS Report on The Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” Immigration Enforcement Policy Focus: H1B to EB5 Exhibition/speaking opportunities for August H-1B events are fully sold out. Please see below for our September/October H1B to EB5 Expo schedule: Boston, MA - Monday September 10 – 1 out of 4 available Seattle, WA - Wednesday September 12 - SOLD OUT San Francisco, CA - Friday September 14 - SOLD OUT Newark, NJ - Monday October 8 – 4 out of 4 available Houston, TX - Wednesday October 10 – 4 out of 4 available San Jose, CA - Friday October 12 – 3 out of 4 available Format: Half Day Event for Indian H-1Bs considering EB-5 Option (Speaking Opportunity included) Please bring brochures, PowerPoint presentation, table displays and business cards. Special Note for Attorneys: This event will feature two immigration attorney panels solely on immigration law matters. The only way an immigration attorney can participate and speak at this event is if they are nominated by an issuer who is exhibiting at the event (there is no fee charged to immigration attorneys). EB-5 Issuers only - $3,999 per city for H-1B Event (Inquire about Discounts and also about Platinum Level) For more info please call (212)545-0818 or email or click here. Headline: Senate panel spars with Trump administration over treatment of unaccompanied immigrant children Click here Headline: Attorney General Sessions’ Order to Speed Immigration Cases Click here Headline...
      08-17-2018, 11:22 AM
    • August 16 - Agreement with Mexico, Arpaio
      Comment: Agreement with Mexico, Arpaio Today's Immigration Daily issue features several items of interest, including Article on Why the US Cannot Create a Safe Third Country Agreement with Mexico, news on Justice Department Secures Denaturalization of Guardian Convicted of Abuse of a Minor. please scroll down to find the item(s) below.Please let us know your thoughts by writing to Article: Indirect Refoulement: Why the US Cannot Create a Safe Third Country Agreement with Mexico By Sophia Genovese Blogging: Iraqi National Wanted for Murder in Iraq Arrested In California By Matthew Kolken Blogging: Sheriff Arpaio’s Unlawful Actions Lead Court to Find Frimmel Has No Liability By Bruce Buchanan News: Justice Department Secures Denaturalization of Guardian Convicted of Abuse of a Minor Focus: Hot Off The Presses: The EB-5 Book 2016-17 Edition; Editors: Matt Gordon and Sarah A. Schroeder Shipping Now! Specific focus on Enforcement and Compliance. 8 Brand New articles and 3 articles updated from previous edition to cover cutting-edge current developments. Articles by Shae Armstrong, Jeanne Calderon, Michael T. Clark, Laura Danielson, Michael Dunn, L. Batya Schwartz Ehrens, Gary Friedland, Robert P. Gaffney, Adam Gale, Steve Ganis, Sherman Golden, Douglas Hauer, Jennifer Hermansky (Jen), Parisa K. Karaahmet, Mark Katzoff, Lily Li, Brandon Meyer, John Neill, Angelo A. Paparelli, Chun Yun ("Elizabeth") Peng, John Roth, Paul Ruby, Reid Thomas, Robert S. Winner, and Ben Zou. Buy Now! Online: or Fax: Headline: Trump's aggressive stance with visa holders and legal immigrants breaks with conservative principle Click here Headline: Republicans and Democrats are more polarized on immigration than parties in the U.K. or Australia. Here’s why. Click here Headline: Trump’s immigration chief can fix Indians’ wait for green cards—but he won’t Click here Headline: ICE seeking to restart deportation cases for immigrants arrested or convicted of a crime: report Click here Headline: At the center of the immigration debate, 1st-generation college students are revolutionizing campuses Click here Help Wanted: Immigration Paralegal San Diego, CA - Larrabee Albi Coker LLP is an AV-rated, nationally-recognized leader in the field of employment-based immigration. We are seeking a paralegal to join the firm. Ideal candidate will have a four-year bachelor’s degree and a paralegal certificate from an ABA-approved program; 1-2 years’ experience in employment-based immigration; strong case management; ability to self-initiate and be creative; ability to multitask in a deadline-driven environment; detailed oriented and organized; honest, ethical, and hard-working. Responsibilities include: Assisting attorneys in document review and all aspects of case preparation; drafting forms and letters; corresponding...
      08-16-2018, 02:51 PM
    • August 15 - Change in EB5 Market – its all about marketing

      Comment: Change in EB5 Market – its all about marketing

      Old EB5 Model-Seller's Market New EB5 Mondel-Buyer's Market
      Issuers Small number of Issuers
      (Project + USCIS approval = investment success)
      Large number of Issuers
      (USCIS approval & good project are commodities)
      Market Only China Multiple markets:
      China, India, Vietnam, etc.
      Roles Issuer gets project & USCIS approval;
      Chinese Agent does SOF and Sales
      Breakup of functions:
      SOF by US immigration attorneys,
      Marketing by Issuers,
      Sales by agents
      (A Good Project and USCIS approval are now commodities due to the large number of Issuers with both)
      Marketing Marketing NOT necessary for success
      (because market was a seller’s market with more demand than supply)

      Marketing Necessary for success
      (because market is now buyer’s market with more supply than demand)

      EB5 Marketing – real world experience

      ILW experience with marketing: Mixed results 2013-2016

      • Success in Beijing – almost 2,000 attendees at ILW Expo – but difficulties ensue
      • Many failures in oil economies of Middle East
      • Modest success in India and Taiwan

      ILW experience with marketing: Major success 2016-2018

      • Expo format gets results in many countries for many clients
      • Major Success in two new markets - clients who made many investments 2015 to 2017 hit balls out of the park in two Top 10 EB5 countries

      Requirements for major success:

      • Patience for results – it takes years not months
      • Commitment to a market through repeated visits to master its nuances
      • Major investment in marketing
      • ILW can help you succeed – please call (212)545-0818 or email Article: Flawed Statistics Undermine USCIS/ICE/SEVP’s Restriction of D/S for Unlawful Presence By Eugene Goldstein, Esq. Blogging: Sheriff Arpaio’s Unlawful Actions Lead Court to Find Frimmel Has No Liability By Bruce Buchanan Blogging: Cancer of Trump's Racist Agenda Spreads From "National Security" Muslim Ban to "Public Charge" Ban Against Millions of Brown Immigrants By Roger Algase News: Re-Registration Period Now Open for Temporary Protected Status for Yemen Focus: PERM Illuminated - Hot Off the Presses Joel Stewart has done something remarkable in the new edition of THE PERM BOOK 2017-18 Edition. He has taken the spaghetti of all the sources on PERM: legislations, rules, FAQs, cases etc. and reintegrated them into a simple and luminously logical progression of how to do PERM. In each of the chapters, he uses articles by notable practitioners and his own extensive commentary to provide deep insights on every aspect of PERM. If you are a seasoned PERM practitioner, you will appreciate the clarity of the organization seen in the table of contents below, and will discover many new insights in every chapter. For anyone relatively new to PERM, Joel Stewart serves as a trusted guide to your mastering the lay of the land of this complex area. This book belongs in the library shelf of every PERM practitioner. Get your copy now, here: Book includes: Chapter 1: All About the Law, Chapter 2: Parties to PERM, Chapter 3: Legal Requirements, Chapter 4: Anomalies: Special Handling or Processing, Chapter 5: Educational Degrees as Requirements, Chapter 6: Job Offers, Chapter 7: Prevailing ...
      08-15-2018, 03:16 PM