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Article: I-9 Questions From Our Readers by Ann Cun

Bloggings: Obama Lead Grows Amongst Latinos by Greg Siskind

Bloggings: November 2012 Visa Bulletin by Chris Musillo

Bloggings: "Dozens" of Immigrant Students Arrested by ICE in San Diego - Told to "Self-Deport" by Matthew Kolken

News : 1st Circuit Holds Prospect of CIR Is Not Grounds For Delay

Today's Obama's Childhood Arrivals Promise Graph

Focus: Advanced Topics in I-9 and E-Verify
Tuesday, October 16 is the deadline to sign up for the Thursday, October 18 phone session of "Advanced Topics in I-9 and E-Verify" with Addie Hogan, Julie Pearl and others to be announced. The curriculum is as follows:

First Phone Session on October 18: Tried and True Strategies and challenges in developing I-9 policies
a. Common issues in I-9 completion
i. Documents
ii. Remote hires
b. Mergers and Acquisitions
c. Self - Audits and Steps Involved with reviewing and correcting the Form I-9 1. Correcting Flawed Forms
d. Balancing I-9 compliance with Discrimination Concerns

Second Phone Session on November 8: Following the trend: E-verify and Electronic,
Verification Systems
e. E-verify
i. Advantages and disadvantages
ii. Employer responsibilities
iii. Federal contractors
iv. Self-verification and the IMAGE program
f. Electronic Verification systems
i. I-9 software. Is it worth it?
ii. Best practices to make the most of electronic verification systems

Third Phone Session on december 6: Notice of Inspection, now what?
g. It's a balance: safeguard objections vs. working with the government
h. Constructive knowledge concerns and no-match letters
i. Notice of Technical Violations
j. Notice of Suspect Documents
k. Notice of Discrepancies
l. Impact of Mitigation
m. Preservation of rights
n. Limiting the Expansion of an Investigation

Tuesday, October 16 is the deadline to sign up. For more info, including speaker bios, detailed curriculum, and registration information, please see: Online:
Fax form:

Headline: Report supports theory that unwelcoming immigration system in US created 'reverse brain drain'
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Headline: Alabama Immigration Law Causes Labor Shortage, Forces Importation Of Immigrants
Headline: Arizona Immigration Law's Most Contentious Section Can Now Be Enforced By Police, Judge Says
Headline: U.S. Farmers Urge Changes to Immigration Law Amid Labor Shortage
Headline: Judge says Arizona can enforce most contentious part of immigration law

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