Comment: Getting Worse Every Day
Time Magazine recently published a recap of Vivek Wadhwa's fascinating, yet chilling, new book "The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent." The commentary is disturbing, especially considering the state of our national economy for the past four years. By now, our readers know the story - as partisan bickering in Washington stifles any progress on immigration, our nation is losing talented workers and entrepreneurs each day because they cannot attain citizenship, and we are quickly losing ground to friendlier nations in the world's economic marketplace. The article and book note a study that found the proportion of immigrant-founded business across the nation fell from 25.3% to 24.3% since 2005; in Silicon Valley, the percentage of immigrant-founded start-ups dropped from 52.4% to 43.9%. Wadhwa faults both parties unwillingness to compromise as the source of this problem: "The Democrats won't let any legislation pass unless it solves the problem of the illegals. The Republicans won't let any legislation pass if it solves the problem of the illegals. It's a quagmire, because they refuse to agree with each other. It's two sides fighting each other mindlessly." Until both parties figure out how to co-exist on this issue, we will continue losing tens of thousands of talented, skilled employees and entrepreneurs who disproportionately work in the high-tech fields that are driving world economic development. Will we be able to remain competitive, or is it just a matter of time until the pace at which we are falling behind will become too much to overcome. Read the full article here. Share your thoughts with us at

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Today's Obama's Childhood Arrivals Promise Graph

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