USCIS is now accepting the new Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card (edition date 12/24/2014).

Over the next several weeks, all Form I-90 applicants who file the new form and who must provide biometrics will see new language in their biometric appointment notices. Applicants will also see similar language when they come to their biometrics appointments. This language comes from Part 5 of Form I-90, Applicant’s Certification and Acknowledgment of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center.

We are incorporating this language to remind applicants that they have already certified, under penalty of perjury, that the content of their Form I-90 is complete, true, and correct. Also, by appearing at an ASC, applicants are re-affirming that the content of their Form I-90 remains complete, true, and correct.

Our procedures to capture biometrics will not change. We will continue to use biometric machines to capture digital fingerprints, a digital photograph, and a digital image of the applicant’s signature. We use the signature, photo, and fingerprint to produce the new Permanent Resident Card (Green Card).

If you have any questions about this recent change or have questions on how to electronically file your Form I-90, please contact the USCIS Customer Contact Center.

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