Remote Inspection of I-9 Documents Now Permitted in Limited Circumstances During Coronavirus Emergency


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has announced that effective immediately, “employers taking physical proximity precautions due to COVID-19” will be temporarily allowed to review new employees’ “section 2” documents remotely when completing I-9 Forms.

This can include, for example, reviewing the documents via web camera or emailed images. This relaxes long-standing policy that ordinarily requires a physical, in-person inspection.

Bear in mind, however, that: The flexibility is only available when because of COVID-19 arrangements specifically, there are no employees physically present at what would otherwise be the employee’s work location; and

An employer that uses this option must provide written documentation of its “remote on boarding and telework policy for each employee.”

The employer should still retain copies of the remotely-inspected documents – e.g., the photos, still frames from the video, etc.; and

In the section 2 “additional comments” field of the form, the employer should note the delay in physical inspection and give “COVID-19” as the reason;

Once the employer resumes normal operations, it must physically examine the documents, in person, within three business days, and make a notation of this on the I-9 Form, including the date on which it was done; and

This flexibility will last until the earlier of (a) May 19th, 2020, or (b) the third business day following “the termination of the National Emergency.”

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