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Thank you for reading and supporting The Insightful Immigration Blog. Listed below are the top 10 most viewed blogs that were published in 2018. While these are the 10 most viewed blogs, each blog is a carefully crafted gem, and we invite you to read all of them. In 2018, the Trump Administration continued its assault on immigration to the United States including restricting the right to apply for asylum as well as restricting the ability of an employer to obtain a routine H-1B visa for a skilled worker. We covered many of these efforts to undermine our immigration system, which included the proposed public charge rule, the horrific practice of separating children from parents, the new unlawful presence policy for foreign students, how to challenge H-1B denials as well as combat efforts to limit due process in our immigration courts, among many other burning issues.

Our blogs, a labor of love, critically reflect on these developments and also endeavor to educate readers as well as provide food for thought to overcome Trump’s restrictions. Many of our blogs are also written solely for the purpose of providing timely commentary on cases, policy memos and other developments. We strongly believe that it is important to inform people in the hope that they effectively advocate and litigate against restrictive or unfair immigration policies to ensure that the noble idea of America as a nation of immigrants never ever gets undermined.

We do hope that 2019 bodes better for immigration, and wish all of our supporters and well-wishers a very happy New Year notwithstanding the challenges that lie ahead!

  1. USCIS Denying Change of Status for F-1 Students with Over 12 months of Curricular Practical Training
  2. USCIS Finalizes Unlawful Presence Policy Putting F, J and M Nonimmigrants in Great Jeopardy
  3. Guidance to the Perplexed After USCIS Sneaks In Ban on Third-Party Placements of STEM OPT Workers
  4. Potential Adjustment of Status Options After the Termination of TPS
  5. USCIS Improperly Blurs Distinction Between Violation of Status and Unlawful Presence for F, J and M Nonimmigrants
  6. Analyzing the Definition of a Specialty Occupation under INA 214(i) to Challenge H-1B Visa Denials
  7. No Win Immigration Policy: Denying H-1B Extensions to Skilled Workers from India so that They Self-deport
  8. Fearlessly Challenging H-1B Visa Denials Through Litigation
  9. Beware the Gap: USCIS’s Policy Changes Cause Headaches and Confusion for F-1 Change of Status Applicants
  10. Suspension of Premium Processing: Another Attack on the H-1B Program

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