Updated-I-601A/I-601 Cases - PDF with Elements of Success Series



(Elements of Success Series)

***Updated Text - Previous Mailing Referenced Incorrectly L-1A Case***

Dear Clients and Friends,

As part of our "Elements of Success" series of infographic, we have enclosed a PDF chart depicting some of the essential considerations to take into account when planning and strategizing I-601A/I-601 cases.

As always, we hope that your firm will find it useful in your daily practice.

Our paralegal firm has extensive experience in successfully assisting with wide range of even most complex I-601A/I-601 and other immigration cases, and we hope that we will have the opportunity to be at your service.

For more information about Faveo Paralegals expert immigration paralegals services to attorneys please feel free to email me directly at: dino@visaparalegal.com or contact me at 201-256-3767 x 1

We look forward to being a part of your team.

Dino Palangic

Chief Paralegal

Faveo Paralegals (E-Paralegals LLC)



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