Do Shithole Countries Produce Shithole Immigrants?


Guest post by Karem Mokom, 2L at The University of North Dakota School of Law Scho ol.

For over two weeks now, there has been a lot discussion on mainstream media following the vulgar immigration comments made by the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump allegedly referred to Haiti and all African countries as “shithole” countries. This sparked a wave of criticism of Mr. Trump in America and around the world.

In the wake of these comments, I wrote a post on my Facebook page lambasting Trump for making those comments, but to my greatest dismay, many people who commented on the post—a majority of them from Africa, and based in Africa, said that Trump was speaking the bitter truth. They seemed to have no problem with Trump describing African countries as “shithole” (although some African leaders expressly asked for an apology from Trump). They accepted that their various African countries are “shithole,” even though they could not say what a “shithole” country is. According to these people, a “shithole” country is a country which has the characteristics that their various countries have: such as corruption, dilapidated roads, poor medical facilities, et cetera.

Notwithstanding the fact that many people who commented on my post believed that Trump’s description of their countries was accurate, they unanimously agreed that “shithole” countries do not produce “shithole” immigrants. That is, a countries level of economic development has nothing to do with the quality of immigrants from that country. On the contrary, immigrants from Africa contribute more to the American economy than they receive. African immigrants work really hard because they not only want to get a better life in America, but they also want to improve the living conditions of their families and communities back in Africa. Trump’s Vulgar comments were, therefore, uncalled for.

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