Siskind for AILA Board of Governors Campaign Statement

by Greg Siskind

Thanks for providing the opportunity to write about my candidacy for the AILA Board of Governors. I have been an AILA member for just over 25 years and many of you may know me for my writing on immigration law both online and in various books I write on the subject.

I have been serving on the board for the last few years and believe I have brought a unique perspective to the job. I was the very first immigration lawyer in the world with a web site (1994) and the first lawyer in the world with a blog (1997). I have written five books with five publishers and written numerous chapters for other books and so understand the subject of publishing better than most members of our organization. One of those books was a bestselling book on Internet marketing published by the American Bar Association that is soon be published in a fourth edition. My technology and marketing expertise is well known not just in the immigration bar, but more broadly with lawyers around the country. While on the board, I have used that background to serve as a champion for AILA being the major resource our members turn to for practice management information.

I also am known for my advocacy efforts. My expansive social media reach has allowed me to promote positions that help all of the clients in our various types of practices. Many people have seen the “Siskind Summaries” I prepare that provide plain English explanations of bills and regulations that affect our practices. I’ve attended AILA’s National Day of Action every year since I’ve been an AILA member. And I’ve also had the opportunity to actually draft legislation, some of which has made it in to the INA. Advocacy is one of AILA’s most critical functions and I believe I have served the membership well in that regard. Many of you also followed the pro bono class action lawsuit I helped lead regarding the Visa Bulletin fiasco last fall. While we weren’t successful, I do believe the case sent an important message to the government that they can expect strong pushback when they take actions that are unjust. AILA and AIC provided critical assistance in the case and I would like to promote more opportunities for our members to engage in such efforts with AILA’s help.

I also have volunteered for the organization in many other ways. I speak most years at the annual conference and at several chapter conferences each year. I have written AILA leadership blog posts and chapters in AILA books. I have served on many AILA committees over the years as well.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve AILA that the membership has given me in electing me previously to the board and hope that I am permitted to continue. Thank you for your support.

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