H-2B Cases - Seasonal and Peakload Need Calculator and Graph


Probably two of the most frequently stated types of H-2B employers' nature of temporary need would be Peakload or Seasonal needs.

As you know, the evidence used in proving Peakload or Seasonal need(s) may consist from employer's explanation letter, employer's payroll records (for the past year/s/), employer's IRS Forms 941 - quarterly tax filings, employer's accountant letter or other supporting documentation.

However, in addition to utilizing above supporting evidence, Faveo Paralegals believe that using charts and diagrams to graphically illustrate employer's staffing levels throughout a calendar year, may yet further assist the US DOL Officer in clearly understanding the employer's Peakload or Seasonal staffing needs.

To this effect, Faveo Paralegals have created and attached an annual staffing level calculator (in Microsoft Excel format, available here) which, not only calculates the number of permanent and temporary employees per month, but also automatically generates a corresponding graph which the employer (or attorney) can copy and paste into their explanation of temporary need letter to the US DOL.

We hope that you will find the attached document helpful

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