Chartered Accountancy/CPA Around the Globe – Which ones are equivalent to a Degree?


It’s complicated, folks. To date, only the Indian and the UK Chartered Accountancy certification are recognized as degrees. Pakistani and Bangladeshi CA certifications have some government recognition, but the issue is not cut and dry. The rest, including the US CPA, are considered professional certifications, but not degrees.

In India, the CA and the ICWAI have full government degree recognition, and the UK CA is now fully integrated into the degree system. However, not every UK CA you will see counts as a degree. Some UK CA qualifications fall outside of degree eligibility, and older UK CA certifications are not recognized in the degree because they were earned before this educational track was integrated into the degree system. It is not simple and you should not be guessing. We are happy to help sort this out for you at no charge.

In many cases, accounting is simply regarded as a degree, plain and simple. It depends on the country of the certification’s origin and the stages of education required to earn this certification. Degrees that don’t call themselves degrees are complicated. If your client has a CA, don’t wait for an education RFE. Talk to a credential evaluator who understands the CA/CPA situation and have your client’s education reviewed.

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