Banning Muslims from America?


Donald Trump has called for a ban of Muslims coming in to America until we can sort out the terrorism problem. This blog is meant in no way as a commentary in favor or against his proposal, but rather it is an observation on my part.

As a Board Certified immigration lawyer with offices in Houston and Miami Beach, I represent many Muslim clients, especially in Houston. I have actually noticed an uptick in recent weeks of new Muslim clients seeking to immigrate. It has occurred to me that this may be due to the anti-Muslim rhetoric from Trump and others, with regard to entering the USA.

The clients I am seeing have, perhaps, realized that they better act soon, before the doors to America are slammed shut to Muslims. There is already an official inkling of that with regard to the visa waiver program, where individuals from 38 countries can enter the USA without a visa. The Congress is in the process of passing legislation requiring visa waiver applicants to apply for an official visa if they have visited Iraq, Syria or other countries with large Muslim populations.

The types of visas that can be processed quickly and allow Muslims to stay in the USA include E-2 investor visas, L-1 intra-company transfer visas, F-1 student visas and others.

A quick route to permanent residence or a green card is the EB-1 program for workers of extraordinary ability. This allows a potential immigrant to self-sponsor if they have an extraordinary work background or accomplishments. There is no quota and the cases can be expedited. I have done these cases for clients from Muslim countries with backgrounds in business, engineering and computer science, although it covers all areas of science, business and arts.

I have been urging my Muslim clients to quickly make decisions on their future and to expeditiously apply for longer term visa status before the doors to America start closing.

This post originally appeared on Coane And Associates. Reprinted with permission.

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