Market Your Law Firm Like Trump. Yes, Really


Whether you love him or hate him, you know all about him. You hear all about him because he’s all over the news, the papers, the Internet, the radio, and your Facebook wall. Everyone is talking about him, from your mom to your cashier. He’s big, he’s loud, he’s offensive beyond all measure, and he’s the leading Republican presidential candidate.

Just imagine how much Trump must be spending on campaign advertising!

Actually, the answer is absolutely nothing.

Am I suggesting that you be like Donald Trump to market your law firm? Yes. Take the best pages from his book and leave the rest behind. Your potential clients are looking for a confident, tenacious lawyer who will go on the offensive to win their case. They want a lawyer who they know will take on every critic, leave no stone unturned, and win against all odds. They are looking for a lawyer who isn’t “just another one of those lawyers.”

Politicians and attorneys are seen in much the same light – with distrust. There are more sayings than can fit in a top 100 list referencing the dishonesty of both lawyers and politicians. Public opinion holds both professions as easily bought, self-serving, and deceptive. Trump breaks this in four ways: First, he just up and says how rich he is. It’s impossible to buy him because he’s the one who does the buying. This first option probably isn’t the one that’s going to cause new clients to flock to you. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a celebrity to make Trump’s publicity strategy work for you and your law firm.

The second way is that he accurately depicts himself as an outsider to the political world. He has never run for office. Take this page from his book and look at what sets you apart from other lawyers. Do you have a hobby uncharacteristic of your profession? In what ways do you help others for free? Do you volunteer at your child’s school? Do you garden? Are you in a knitting circle? Be seen for the aspects of your life that set you apart first, and been seen as a lawyer second. Remember all that free press coverage Trump gets? Of course you do! It’s all around you. Make use of what sets you apart to get press coverage. How? Organize a knit-in and donate the hats and scarves made there to a local homeless shelter. Give your clients and their families bouquets of flowers from your garden when they are in crisis. Sponsor a field trip for your child’s class. Alert the press and get coverage for these kinds of things. Be sure to include that you are a lawyer, and the contact information for your law firm, including the URL. This builds trust and rapport with potential clients in your community.

Third, you will never find Donald Trump on the defensive. That offensive approach is what your potential clients are looking for in a lawyer. While most of what Trump says is controversial and easily attacked, he never goes into defense mode. Hillary Clinton immediately goes on the defensive when asked about her emails, and Jeb Bush spouts off excuses for his low energy levels. Trump just attacks right back. Instead of giving his critics excuses or going on the defensive, he takes them face on. While other candidates look weak and suspicious, Trump looks just as confident as ever. As a lawyer, you know the power of a strong offensive strategy backed up with a tactful defense. So take a page from Trump’s book and show a good offensive strategy. Your potential clients want a lawyer who will fight tenaciously to protect their rights and not back down when under pressure. Your clients will feel the power of your confidence and consistency, and this builds their trust in you.

Fourth, Trump calls it as he sees it, regardless of how politically incorrect his views may be. He does not speak in political jargon, and he does not sugarcoat his message. At the same time, he stays consistent in his views, which builds trust. You may not like him, but you can trust him. When Trump speaks, the public knows he is speaking authentically, whether or not they agree with him. How will this help your law firm? You can be authentic without being controversial and without offending or alienating anyone. Take this page out of his book. Speak in words that anyone can understand. Be candid. Stand by what you say without waffling. Communicate authentically and with confidence whenever you communicate – be it on your website, in the news, on the phone, in a meeting, or on the street. New clients will come to you because they trust you to say what you mean in a way they can understand and relate to. They will trust you to stand by your word, which translates into being a strong, confident advocate for their case.

Show how you stand apart from other lawyers. Speak with confidence and stand by what you say. Speak to your clients in words that resonate with them, and be the lawyer you would hire to defend you. You don’t have to be like Donald Trump to have a successful PR campaign like Donald Trump. In fact, you can put most of his PR tricks to work for you without ever being controversial. Take what works for your law firm and leave the rest. You can get press coverage and build rapport with your community without spending a dime.

Reprinted with permission.

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