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Law firms surveyed in new research indicated their top 10 most effective marketing activities were as follows:

  1. Client seminars and thought leadership events with or without CLE credit
  2. Proposals and presentations to potential clients
  3. Client interview or satisfaction surveys
  4. RFPs / RFQs / Pitches
  5. Event planning and entertainment (meals, tickets, golf outings)
  6. Maintaining the firm website
  7. Competitive intelligence and market research
  8. Email blasts (e-alerts, newsletters etc.)
  9. White papers (research and/or competitive intelligence)
  10. Public relations/press releases

J. Johnson Executive Search, Inc., commissioned a study, conducted by ALM Legal Intelligence, to examine the law marketing trends of small and midsized firms.

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"The clear difference between the top five and bottom five marketing activities is the opportunity for relationship building. The marketing activities that surveyed firms found the most effective were activities that physically placed them in front of potential clients. These interactions help build relationships that influence a potential client's decision to hire a firm or attorney," says Nicole Angeline Cudiamat, Legal Publication Specialist at the National Law Review.

Other highlights:

  • 91% of surveyed law firms employ the No. 1 marketing activity (client seminars and thought leadership events).
  • Only 47% of the law firms engage in the No. 3 most effective legal marketing activity (client interviews or satisfaction surveys).
  • 91% of law firms utilize publications/press releases, even though they rank it as the least effective marketing activity.

"Technology today provides law firms with opportunities to promote their brand in ways that did not exist in the past. When Morse, Barnes-Brown & Pendleton, a survey respondent, first emerged in 1993, they consistently placed ads in local business publications with the sole purpose of getting their name out and recognized," Cudiamat says.

"Nowadays, the firm makes use of digital marketing efforts such as blogs, social media, periodic newsletters, e-cards and search engine optimization techniques to boost brand recognition," she adds. Blogs, LinkedIn, E-alerts and web videos all create brand recognition with corporate counsel.

According to Cudiamat, the law firm Butler Snow, another participant in the study, has migrated 80% of their print ads to electronic media, including social media. The firm's marketing strategy also includes political fundraisers, social gatherings, seminars, sponsorships, advertising, and website maintenance.

Internal marketing departments are getting the respect they deserve:

  • Two-thirds of law firms confirmed that the marketing department is critical or important to winning business for the law firm
  • Three-quarters of smaller firms believe marketing departments are critical.
  • Only 40% of respondents felt that the appropriate resources are being invested in the marketing department.

In the survey, a group of 90 legal marketing professionals were surveyed via web between November 18, 2013 and December 18, 2013.

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