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by Greg Siskind


Okay, my initial report of 69-31 was wrong. But in my defense, I was speaking on a panel in San Francisco at the annual meeting of the American Immigration Lawyers Association so was sneaking in some blog posting while I was presenting with two fellow speakers. One Tweeter who I respect a lot posted the wrong number and I lazily copied him. Sorry about that.

Still, historic day for America.

Historic Vote Will Take Place at 4 Eastern

The Senators will vote from their desks something they reserve for only the most important votes. We know the results will be good. And Senator Chiesa of New Jersey is voting yes, a fitting tribute to Senator Lautenberg.

Senate Bill Passes Final Hurdle With 68 Votes

I'm at the annual American Immigration Lawyers Association conference and will be blogging and tweeting about news that I hear. And at the same time, I'm keeping an eye on DC where we have news coming out of the House and Senate.

The Senate passed a final motion vote on S.744 this morning with 68 votes including 14 Republicans. That's a similar number to the various votes this week including on the Hoeven-Corker amendment. The goal was 70 votes, but that was more for symbolism and the overwhelming margin certainly gives the bill momentum. A final vote will happen shortly (probably in about 20 minutes or so) and is expected to pass with a similar margin.

The House Judiciary Committee yesterday passed the E-Verify piecemeal bill by a margin of 22 to 9 with Republicans all voting yes and Democrats voting no. A number of Democrats didn't vote, but that's probably because their votes would not have mattered. Today the Judiciary Committee considers the Issa high skilled worker bill. A number of amendments (including a few I've been working on) are expected to be included.

Because I'm at the AILA conference, I may be delayed in getting my summaries updated. But on the Senate side, not that much will change so if you rely on my more recent summaries, you'll be in good shape.I'll be updating my summary of the House high skilled bill as well.


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